Jackson Parade of Homes 2019

Redman Homes Ashville Two Story

is the home we are proud to show at this years Jackson Parade of Homes held by the Jackson Home Builders Association.

Visit us at 2850 Reynolds Rd Jackson MI, (Spring Arbor) Just south of M60.

Legendary Homes Parade of Homes - Modular Homes Sales


Impressive Two Story Modular Home offering 4BR/3.5 BA.  This home greets you with a beautiful covered porch, spanning the length of 2nd story, that invites you into the large foyer with a beautiful open staircase to the 2nd floor. The incredible master suite, located on the main floor, is complete with a huge soaking tub, separate shower, and large walk-in wardrobe.

Family and friends can be entertained in the formal living room or relax in the cozy family room with views to the wooded backyard. This Redman Homes Ashville features an open concept kitchen with white cabinets, stainless appliances and large island, open to the formal dining room. Main floor laundry is conveniently located directly off the kitchen. The open staircase leads to the spacious loft and additional bedrooms, two of which have a shared bath and one large bedroom with its own private bathroom and walk-in closet. This sprawling 2840 sq ft home sits on a full insulated precast basement and has an attached 3 car garage.


Legendary Homes offer modular homes built by these great well known high-quality companies:  Redman Homes, All American Homes, Hechaman Homes, and Skyline Homes.


For a list of homes in the show visit HOME BUILDERS ASSOCIATION OF JACKSON

Jackson Parade of Homes 2019


Model Home Virtual Tour in 3D | Redman Homes Myrtle New Moon 6034 |NM 6033 Reveresed

Redman Homes New Moon Myrtle 6034 (NM 6033 Reversed)

Legendary Homes is proud to present this 3D tour of our model home.   Experience fully immersive virtual Spaces that feel so real, it’s like being there.  Enjoy a tour of our model home as you sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home. Without taking a step out your front door you can investigate the feel and look of our wonderful model home.

Click here for full-screen view

Be sure to use you mouse to move around and view the 3D video below!


This floor plan is the Myrtle NM 6034 which is NM 6033 reversed in the brochure and has 1,800 sq ft.  It boasts a delightful open floor plan with a spacious kitchen and large closets. The bedrooms are wonderfully sized and the split floor plan gives privacy for each family member. The laundry room is what every adult would love with the storage closet and entry way in from the garage.

Homes built by Redman Homes are designed to meet your lifestyle and budget. You can choose an ultimate kitchen or a spa-like master bath. The features and options that you choose will help you feel like you designed the home yourself.

You choose the options according to your budget. Also, according to your tastes. The look of the cabinets, the flooring, and the countertops are all up to you.

Many Upgrades Available Through Legendary Homes

Other options done on this model home are the ceramic tile “Serenity Shower”.  In the kitchen are the “High Definition” Counter Tops a bigger kitchen island and the Urban Putty Maple cabinets.  Some exterior features are a steeper roof of a  7/12 roof pitch, Shadow Ridge Siding, and Literal window trim to set it off.

This model home has been “stretched” from the standard width to 30 foot wide to give it even a more open feel.  This adds 200 sq ft from the standard plan.

Redman Homes offer many floor plans that would meet your family needs.

Call today to set up an appointment, we would love to meet with you.

For more information and price sheets of this model home please sign up at http://LegendaryHomesInc.com/ModularHomePrices

Champion Homes

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Floor plans in the Advantage Series:


For more information on floor plans and modular home prices please contact Legendary Homes Inc, 10197 S Meridian Rd (US 127), Clarklake, MI 49234.  Phone 517-206-2435

Check out pictures of the building process!

Redman Homes Myrtle NM 6034 which is NM 6033 reversed New Moon Series

How Long is the Process of Building a New Modular Home?

How long is the building process for building a new home? Hi… I’m Todd Rutledge with Legendary Homes. That’s one of the most common questions I get is: How long will the building process take?

In this video below I explain how long the construction normally takes.

Here’s the direct link to the video:  https://youtu.be/gNPLfFhh5PE

The first part is getting the modular home ordered. Redman Homes is our main manufactured home manufacturer. They typically run around 8 weeks out to get the home built. I checked the first part of February and off line dates were middle of March. So they were about 6 weeks out to build the home at that time. As we get closer to spring they will typically run about 8 weeks. Closer to fall time can be between 8 and 10 weeks most years.

If you have financing to get. It’s critical to get the paper work into the bank so they can get that process going so we can order the home. The bank will want a signed contract with the costs and what’s going to be done on your new home. They will give the building contract to the appraiser. That’s generally the first step in the process of financing of building your new home.

The home will be built and scheduled for delivery for about 2 to 4 days after the off line date to give them time to be sure to finish it up. Once delivered to the building site it will be about a day or two after delivery when the house will be set on the foundation.

From that point, I tell people to plan on about 60 days from the day of set. I try to shoot for 30 days, but I’d rather tell you to plan on 60 days and have it be 30 days then to tell you to plan on 30 days and have it be 60 days.

Of course, there are variables that can come into play on how long it takes to complete the construction of a new home. Such things are weather. If too much rain then that can delay things.

The most common delay is getting power to the house. To get power to the house we need to get the house set and then the electrician will come and install the service on the house. Once he’s done the electrical inspector will come and inspect it and then it’s the electrical inspector that notifies the power company. Most commonly Consumers Energy for most of our areas.

We are at the mercy of the power company at that point and sometimes they will show up fairly quickly and sometimes it can take them a while to get there and run power to the house.

Once power is on. The plumbers will come and run the drain lines and connect the water lines and they will check to make sure there are no leaks. They can usually get this done in one day shortly after power is on. Once done they will call and get the plumbing inspected.

Once power is on we can also get mechanical and electrical finish inspections. And then once those 3 inspections have passed we can call the building inspector and get the inspection done for the final. That is what we need in order to get the certificate of occupancy.

That’s the process of building a house. If you have any questions or anything Legendary Homes can help you will, please call Todd at 517-206-2435

If you would like floor plans and prices on our homes please go to http://legendaryhomesinc.com and sign up to get itemized price sheets.

For more info on the building process please check out http://legendaryhomesinc.com/blog/understanding-the-building-process

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Consider These Pros and Cons of Modular Homes Before Buying It

A lot of research and innovation has made modular homes much advanced in technology and design than they were earlier on. Today, these cannot be easily side-lined as a low-cost, low-quality option. However, still many people do not perceive them to be as good as the traditional “stick-built” home. So before you go gaga over modular homes or completely write them off as an option please ponder over these pros as well as cons of modular homes.

Pros and Cons of Modular Homes


Here’s what makes modular homes so very irresistible to buyers.

Superb in quality

Thanks to innovation, modular homes have improved a lot in quality. These are as good or sometimes even better than the stick built homes. Modular homes are built in a factory setting under stringent quality control. In the case of stick built homes, a lot depends on the skill of builder and laborers and hence precision cannot be taken for granted.

Faster delivery

As a major chunk of construction for modular homes takes place in a factory setting, there are no delays owing to vagaries of nature or delays in shipment of supplies. While in the case of modular homes, construction process is more organized and supervision is ensured at each and every stage.

More affordable

It is estimated that modular homes can help you save up to 15% if you compare it with the cost of constructing a stick built home. There is less downtime in the construction of a modular homes as the construction takes place in a factory setting besides as construction takes place in bulk economies of scale further helps to reduce cost.

More energy efficient

Modular homes can as well help to lower your living expenses by helping you make considerable savings on utility bills. Modular homes are designed to be more energy efficient making use of high-quality windows and better insulation. Owners of modular homes can therefore expect to spend less of utility bills.

Being more energy efficient, modular homes help you do you bit for the environment. What’s more, you can also expect better re-sale value of your home should you decide to sell it.

More financing options

Apart from regular financing options, you can also look forward to getting finance from manufacturer. It is quite possible to get attractive deals from manufacturer which will further help to lower the cost of construction.


Let’s consider the cons of building a modular home.

Less popular

Idea of modular homes have still not found public acceptance. There is still lot of stigma attached to modular homes so these are often downplayed by people. Selling them off is also more challenging as compared to selling a traditional stick built home.

Limited customization opportunity

The way they are built in an assembly line, modular homes offer you limited customization flexibility. You can, on the other hand, be more creative when it comes to stick built home.

You still need land

Even if you are going for a modular home you would still need to buy land where you will erect your home. Most sellers only discuss the cost of modular home. So be aware that you would still need to buy a piece of land. Also, make sure to check if your neighborhood allows construction of modular home.

Complicated loan process

While most people are aware of the loan process for regular homes, there are few more steps involved in the payment of modular homes. You would need to pay in full before the construction of your modular homes get completed. The manufacturer would demand to be paid in installments as the building process advances. So you would be required to avail a construction loan first to pay the manufacturer. This loan will then be converted to regular mortgage once the construction of home gets completed. Take time to understand the loan process and look forward to best interest rates.


Go for a modular home only if you fully understand the quality benefits of modular homes and are ready to bear its cons. A modular home is not for you if you seek customization and want to impress others. And, just like buying regular stick built homes, you would need to shop around and carefully choose your manufacturer.


Article By Rebecca at:

Pros and Cons of Modular Homes

Trends in Modular Home Construction in Michigan

Modular Home Customization with Legendary Homes Inc.The construction of a modular home has been making waves for several years. Many companies have clamored to keep up with the demands of high quality construction results.

Today, there are trends that make modular home dealers in Michigan busy.

Requirement for Turn-key Solutions

When the modules are prefabricated they are transported to site ready to ‘plug and play’ into the main modular home in Michigan. This leaves only localized finishes and vertical and horizontal service reticulation through the communal areas to complete, simplifying the need for on-site trades and significantly shortening construction time.

The trend of turn-key solutions is increasing in the residential where a high repetition of rooms and layouts is prevalent.

Tight Modular Home Construction Schedule

Projects on confined sites with restricted access are increasingly turning to modular home solutions to ease site construction constraints and tight time frames. Time dedicated to ‘wet’ trades including cement and plaster can be reduced, as well as decreased requirements for other in-situ trades such as form and reinforcement workers.

Reduced Construction and Labor Costs

Constructing a development in a regional or remote location often means increased labor charges, material supply elongation and sometimes quality issues. However prefabrication of modular home‘s modules, significantly reduces this cost and risk as modular solutions are transported directly to site and are complete.

Construction Quality Control

Offshore factory prefabrication is extremely cost effective due to lower labor and material costs and is becoming increasingly prevalent. Prefabrication of modular home in a controlled factory environment exercises a great degree of control over construction quality compared to on-site workmanship, thereby reducing risk.

In case you still have questions about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile, you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog.

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Seven Subcontractors You Didn’t Know Are Involved in Modular Home Construction

Subcontractors for Modular Home with Insulated FoundationAside from the manufacturer, general contractor, and modular home dealer, there are subcontractors involved in the construction process. These persons are essential in erecting the modular home in Michigan.

Subcontractors in Modular Home Construction

Engineers and Architects

The general contractor will need to hire a local engineer or architect to complete the modular home construction process. At times you will be required to hire an environmental engineer to insure your home’s excavation does not interfere with wetlands or neighboring building lots. Contact your local permit office for more information of you requirements for an engineer.


You will need an excavator to dig your modular homes foundation, clear the building site, back fill the foundation and complete both rough and final grading. In addition, your excavator can remove or add soil to your building site as required to build your home.

Foundation Company

Your modular home will require a foundation, either a crawl space or full basement or pilings for your home. The foundation company could install block walls, poured walls, a wooden foundation, precast wall system or insulated concrete forms for your modular homes foundation.


After your modular home is set on the foundation, you will need carpenters to finish out the exterior trim, build porches, decks, garages and other on site construction elements. You will also need a carpenter to complete minor work inside the modular home. This includes positioning stairs, installing doors, adjusting windows and doors and more. Your modular home dealer will help you understand the required carpentry work for your new home.


During the modular home construction process, the sections are delivered with the plumbing stubbed through the first floor of the home. Homes with two stories will need to have plumbing connections completed in access panels in the modular homes ceiling or floors. Plumbers will also install waste lines for sewage and the modular homes water heating system.


General contractors of modular home construction will need electricians after modular homes are set on the foundation because 95% of the electrical work is completed. The last five percent or so of electrical work will include wiring the panel box, connecting the main power source to the panel box and any interconnection between modules.

HVAC Contractor

Most modular homes come standard with electric baseboard heating. Unfortunately, most people doing the modular home construction desire to have forced air heating and cooling systems or hot water radiant heating systems. If you are opting for a forced air system for your modular home, your HVAC contractor will install the heating and cooling system and also any required duct work.

In case you still have questions about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile, you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog.

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An Excellent General Contractor in Michigan to Build a Modular Home

General Contractor, Two Story Modular Home in Allen, Michigangeneral contractor is a person assigned to monitor overall work in the whole duration of the construction process. He has a responsibility to monitor the progress of every task and to check and answer any issues concerning the building process. But why do we need to hire only the best general contractor in town?

Here are some of the reasons that hiring an excellent general contractor in Michigan is a wise move:

A General Contractor Revolutionizes Modular Home Building Process

There are numerous reasons why most home buyers employ an excellent general contractor to construct a modular home. One of which is because he and his team have revolutionized the building process of modular homes to give utmost living comfort to home owners. They have incorporated both traditional and advanced technologies. Some general contractors have not fully embraced the new strategies of modular housing, but they have been integrating these strategies slowly. The combination of old and new strategies has been found to be reliable in building a high performance modular home.

A General Contractor Is Organize

Most general contractors have the best organizational skill. They are meticulous in how their work must go through. They follow a scheme so every phase in the building process is done appropriately and with no mistakes. When hiring a general contractor, it is better to look at the number or impact of delays they encountered in their previous works. An effective and organize general contractor has lesser to no delays when it comes to modular construction.

A General Contractor is Transparent and Trustworthy

Important characteristics of an excellent general contractor are being transparent and trustworthy. He is fair in the presentation of floor plans and modular home prices. He put transparency on how much had been done with the modular home and what needs to be done. If there are glitches during the modular construction process, it is his job to inform the home buyer for details. When he has been transparent and honest even before the start of the construction process, you are confident that he is trustworthy. You can leave a trust that he can complete your modular home.

In case you still have questions about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile, you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog.

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Steps to Design the Interior of your Modular Home

Modular Home Customization with Legendary Homes Inc.Today’s home owner has many choices when it comes to designing the interior of their modular home. In areas where land is expensive, many small and older homes are being torn down by developers  and replaced with homes that cover as much of the property as allowed by local zoning. But, suppose you have a property that you love and don’t want to move. You want to update your modular home but you don’t want to live through an endless renovation.

Designs Are Drawn, Submitted and Evaluated

The design drawings are be prepared by an licensed architect with experience in custom modular design. The shop drawings are generated by the factory. The drawings are then reviewed, approved and stamped by a third party engineering firm.

Getting the Permit for Modular Home Renovation

Your modular home builder will take these approved plans, the foundation plan and any other drawings required for the conventionally built assemblies, and submit everything for building permit issuance.

Construction or Renovation Begins and Completed

The construction begins and the modules are built to exact specifications by experts. The modules are delivered to the building site and assembled. The builder completes all the conventionally built aspects and interior finishing.

In case you still have questions about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile, you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog.

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Role of Legendary Homes Inc. in Designing the Interior of your Modular Home

Modular Home Design MichiganToday, building a modular home is still affordable, but with first-rate quality and a wide selection of creative designs. Legendary Homes Inc. is producing unique, custom designs for each of its standard modular home floor plans that were not possible a few years ago. But do we do it?

The following are our tasks to ensure we deliver the utmost interior design you have been meaning to see in your modular home;

Contemporary Modular Home Design

All manufacturers have an array of standard plans that are traditional in function and style. We supplement our standard floor plans with more modern modular homes and designs that could pass for a contemporary architect’s creation. Many of them, in fact, have been created by architects, as that profession has begun to explore the possibilities of modular design.

Use of Technology during Construction Process

Our architects understand the parameters of modular building system technology. They are capable of creating almost any style of architecture or size home. In certain cases we use a hybrid of modular technologies combining stick-built and panelized construction to achieve the required high end look.

Well- Coordinated Building and Design Process

The design work begins with the dealer, but the modular manufacturer completes the engineering when it prepares production plans, which detail the actual construction of a house. The combined design and engineering services we provide together with our trusted manufacturer are substantially greater than what is provided by custom site-builders, who are usually small and without the necessary time and resources. When a customer needs detailed design assistance to construct a modular home, we help him through from the very start.

In case you still have questions about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile, you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog.

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Designing the Interior of your Modular Home in Michigan

WModular Home Customization in Michiganhile most modular home companies have floor plan drawings, they are often technical in detail and do not inform the viewer about key issues like kitchen design.  If they have any interior images, they are one-dimensional photographs that give the shopper only a small glimpse of what the home will look like. Legendary Homes Inc. is offering an efficient customization process particularly the interior design.

Tool for Interior Design Modification

To enhance the modular home building process, and provide the consumer with a more informed experience, Legendary Homes Inc provides the DiVE IN tool.

DiVE IN (Design Interactive Viewing Experience) provides many tools that a prospective homeowner can interact with by choosing a mobile, manufactured or modular home plan from a wide menu of lifestyle options, view exterior treatments and colors, take an immersive “virtual tour”, and record their shopping preferences for future reference.

Options for Modular Home Interior Modification

DiVE IN homes offer a wide variety of structural modifications that allow the shopper to “customize” a manufactured or modular home to fit the needs of their family.  While selections vary depending upon the model, they typically include: additional living space, re-configuring of existing space to accommodate home offices, additional bedrooms, flex space, alternate kitchen designs, and other exciting options.  You can select each option on the menu and instantly the floor plan will be modified to record your selection.

Virtual Tour of DiVE Tool

Images are helpful, but to truly understand the interior space a virtual tour is required.  So, click on the “360 View” tab and select one of the camera icons available.  You will immediately be in the center of a virtual spin that will give a full sense of the size, and the relationship between different rooms in the modular home.  Once you have taken a spin, you will know right away if this is the home for you.

In case you still have questions about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile, you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog.

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