Jackson Parade of Homes 2019

Redman Homes Ashville Two Story

is the home we are proud to show at this years Jackson Parade of Homes held by the Jackson Home Builders Association.

Visit us at 2850 Reynolds Rd Jackson MI, (Spring Arbor) Just south of M60.

Legendary Homes Parade of Homes - Modular Homes Sales


Impressive Two Story Modular Home offering 4BR/3.5 BA.  This home greets you with a beautiful covered porch, spanning the length of 2nd story, that invites you into the large foyer with a beautiful open staircase to the 2nd floor. The incredible master suite, located on the main floor, is complete with a huge soaking tub, separate shower, and large walk-in wardrobe.

Family and friends can be entertained in the formal living room or relax in the cozy family room with views to the wooded backyard. This Redman Homes Ashville features an open concept kitchen with white cabinets, stainless appliances and large island, open to the formal dining room. Main floor laundry is conveniently located directly off the kitchen. The open staircase leads to the spacious loft and additional bedrooms, two of which have a shared bath and one large bedroom with its own private bathroom and walk-in closet. This sprawling 2840 sq ft home sits on a full insulated precast basement and has an attached 3 car garage.


Legendary Homes offer modular homes built by these great well known high-quality companies:  Redman Homes, All American Homes, Hechaman Homes, and Skyline Homes.


For a list of homes in the show visit HOME BUILDERS ASSOCIATION OF JACKSON

Jackson Parade of Homes 2019


New Model Open House Celebration

Legendary Homes is proud to present this Special Event with extended hours for viewing.

We have a big line up of events happening for this event.  Dates will be April 12th, 13th, and 14th.  See below for times.

JOIN US APRIL 12th, 13th, AND 14th


Legendary Homes - Modular Homes Sales


Friday, Apr 12th – 12 Noon to 6 pm

Redman Homes Representative on site throughout the day to answer questions

Models open for viewing and Legendary Homes Staff on site to answer questions

Lenders available for answering questions – See below for the list of lenders available throughout the weekend

Saturday, Apr 13th – 10 am To 4 pm

Models open for viewing and Legendary Homes Staff on site to answer questions

Lenders available for answering questions – See below for the list of lenders available throughout the weekend

Sunday, Apr 14th – 1 pm to 4 pm

Skyline Homes Representative on site throughout the day to answer questions

Lenders available for answering questions – See below for the list of lenders available throughout the weekend


Century Bank and Trust – Vicki Morris Office: (517) 849-9010
Cranbrook Loans – Jerry Thomas – Home Office 248-247-5582, Cell 586-917-5534
CP Federal Credit Union – Jeff Thomasson Direct 517-841-5134 or Kathi Augustine 517-841-5119
First Federal Bank of Midwest Ohio – Travis McGormley – Direct 517-266-5020, Cell 517-260-9720

Friday, Apr 12th – 12 pm to 6 pm
Saturday, Apr 13th – 10 am To 4 pm
Sunday, Apr 14th  – 1 pm to 4 pm

For a PDF to print off please go to https://legendaryhomesinc.com/OpenHouseCelebrationFlyer.pdf

We will be in the 2019 Jackson Parade of Homes this year.  The dates are July 26th, 27th, and 28th.  The home is at 2850 Reynolds Rd, Jackson (Spring Arbor)

Check it out at https://www.legendaryhomesinc.com/2019-Jackson-Parade-of-Homes-Flyer.pdf

Join us for this New Model Open House Celebration!

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How Long is the Process of Building a New Modular Home?

How long is the building process for building a new home? Hi… I’m Todd Rutledge with Legendary Homes. That’s one of the most common questions I get is: How long will the building process take?

In this video below I explain how long the construction normally takes.

Here’s the direct link to the video:  https://youtu.be/gNPLfFhh5PE

The first part is getting the modular home ordered. Redman Homes is our main manufactured home manufacturer. They typically run around 8 weeks out to get the home built. I checked the first part of February and off line dates were middle of March. So they were about 6 weeks out to build the home at that time. As we get closer to spring they will typically run about 8 weeks. Closer to fall time can be between 8 and 10 weeks most years.

If you have financing to get. It’s critical to get the paper work into the bank so they can get that process going so we can order the home. The bank will want a signed contract with the costs and what’s going to be done on your new home. They will give the building contract to the appraiser. That’s generally the first step in the process of financing of building your new home.

The home will be built and scheduled for delivery for about 2 to 4 days after the off line date to give them time to be sure to finish it up. Once delivered to the building site it will be about a day or two after delivery when the house will be set on the foundation.

From that point, I tell people to plan on about 60 days from the day of set. I try to shoot for 30 days, but I’d rather tell you to plan on 60 days and have it be 30 days then to tell you to plan on 30 days and have it be 60 days.

Of course, there are variables that can come into play on how long it takes to complete the construction of a new home. Such things are weather. If too much rain then that can delay things.

The most common delay is getting power to the house. To get power to the house we need to get the house set and then the electrician will come and install the service on the house. Once he’s done the electrical inspector will come and inspect it and then it’s the electrical inspector that notifies the power company. Most commonly Consumers Energy for most of our areas.

We are at the mercy of the power company at that point and sometimes they will show up fairly quickly and sometimes it can take them a while to get there and run power to the house.

Once power is on. The plumbers will come and run the drain lines and connect the water lines and they will check to make sure there are no leaks. They can usually get this done in one day shortly after power is on. Once done they will call and get the plumbing inspected.

Once power is on we can also get mechanical and electrical finish inspections. And then once those 3 inspections have passed we can call the building inspector and get the inspection done for the final. That is what we need in order to get the certificate of occupancy.

That’s the process of building a house. If you have any questions or anything Legendary Homes can help you will, please call Todd at 517-206-2435

If you would like floor plans and prices on our homes please go to http://legendaryhomesinc.com and sign up to get itemized price sheets.

For more info on the building process please check out http://legendaryhomesinc.com/blog/understanding-the-building-process

Legendary Homes Inc.
10197 S Meridian Rd (US127)
Clarklake, MI 49234

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Redman Homes Newport in the New Moon Series Offered by Legendary Homes


The Newport in the New Moon series is a manufactured home built by Redman Homes in Topeka, IN. It has 3 beds, 2 baths and is 1493 sq. ft. This ranch style manufactured home available is also available as a modular home. For more information about manufactured homes in your area, please visit http://www.championhomes.com

For more information about floor plans and price sheets please go here and sign up!


Topic:  Redman Homes Newport 2860-07

Steps of Building a House Pictures

Above are pictures of a home near Adrain done by Legendary Homes.  The pictures show the construction steps in building a new home.

This home features a 9′ insulated pre cast basement, a 24′ x 24′ 2 1/2 car garage and a gable front porch.

Option Prices For Your New Home

After you pick a floor plan you like.  Picking “options” (or “upgrades”) will be a big step in determining the final costs of your new home. Redman Homes order forms can seem complicated at first but are fairly simple to understand once you really take a look at them.

Below is a video explaining how to come up with the costs for your options.


The direct link to the video is at https://youtu.be/FjpHiHNuhks

You can look at the options and pick what you want to start out with.  We at Legendary Homes will then meet in person to go over the options more thoroughly together to explain the options/upgrades and costs that you are unsure about.

This is just met to be a step for you to look over the options/upgrades so you can have time to decide what things you may want.

If you would like a file so you can fill out what options you will want on your home, please FIRST be sure you are signed up to get the floor plans and price sheets.  IF your not signed up you can sign up at Modular Home Prices to get to the page that has the Redman Homes floor plans and the itemized price sheets by Legendary Homes.

Once signed up and if you would like a excel file so you can figure out what options or upgrades you may want you can send an email to Todd_Rutledge@LegendaryHomesInc.com or call Todd at 517-206-2435

Top Questions to Always Ask Your Home Contractors

After months or even years of planning, you’re finally ready to make your dream of building your own home a reality. But before you get started, your first step should be hiring a reliable contractor. Finding someone who is trustworthy and skilled in new home building is important, because hiring the wrong contractor could cause a huge headache for your family and cost you a lot of unbudgeted money.

One of the keys to finding the right contractor is knowing the right questions to ask. Be prepared for each potential contractor you interview with these important questions.

Are You Licensed?

General contractors should carry a license granted by your state that permits them to make major renovations and build new homes. Asking for proof of licensure from the start will guarantee that your contractor has met the basic requirements for working legally in your state.

Do You Have Insurance?

Before hiring a contractor to build your home, always make sure you are fully aware of what insurance they carry. All contractors should carry general liability insurance that will cover any damage that could occur in your home or to their tools as well as workers’ compensation to protect you from liability if one of their employees are injured in your home.

How Many Homes Like Mine Have You Built Recently?

Avoid working with a contractor who cannot provide proof that they have plenty of experience building homes like yours. The best way to be sure your contractor is skilled and experienced is to ask for a list of homes they have built over the last few years.

Can Your Provide References?

Here at Home Improvement Leads, we know that one of the best indications of a contractor’s reliability is their past work. As your contractor to provide a list of references from previous clients so you can follow up to see how satisfied they were with their new home. Since most contractors will only provide positive references to potential clients, it is a good idea to do your own research by reading reviews online or asking friends and family about their experiences with local contractors.

Will You Be Hiring Subcontractors?

When taking on a project like building a house, it isn’t uncommon for a general contractor to hire subcontractors for jobs that require more specialized skills. If this is the case for your contractor, you will also want to research the reputation of the subcontractors that will be working on your home.

What is the Typical Timeline for Building a House Like Mine?

Waiting for your new home to be built isn’t just exciting, it can become an inconvenience if it extends beyond your expected timeline. This is especially true if you have relocated to a rental or a family member’s home while your home is being built. Before hiring a contractor, make sure you have an honest conversation with them about the timing of the job.

Doing your research before starting your home building project can make the difference between a terrible experience and smooth sailing. If you’re well prepared and know all the right questions to ask, you’ll not only save yourself the headache of errors and oversights on the job, but you’ll ensure that the home-building process is as enjoyable as possible.

Top Questions to Always Ask Your Home Contractors

By: Mary Sauer

Consider These Pros and Cons of Modular Homes Before Buying It

A lot of research and innovation has made modular homes much advanced in technology and design than they were earlier on. Today, these cannot be easily side-lined as a low-cost, low-quality option. However, still many people do not perceive them to be as good as the traditional “stick-built” home. So before you go gaga over modular homes or completely write them off as an option please ponder over these pros as well as cons of modular homes.

Pros and Cons of Modular Homes


Here’s what makes modular homes so very irresistible to buyers.

Superb in quality

Thanks to innovation, modular homes have improved a lot in quality. These are as good or sometimes even better than the stick built homes. Modular homes are built in a factory setting under stringent quality control. In the case of stick built homes, a lot depends on the skill of builder and laborers and hence precision cannot be taken for granted.

Faster delivery

As a major chunk of construction for modular homes takes place in a factory setting, there are no delays owing to vagaries of nature or delays in shipment of supplies. While in the case of modular homes, construction process is more organized and supervision is ensured at each and every stage.

More affordable

It is estimated that modular homes can help you save up to 15% if you compare it with the cost of constructing a stick built home. There is less downtime in the construction of a modular homes as the construction takes place in a factory setting besides as construction takes place in bulk economies of scale further helps to reduce cost.

More energy efficient

Modular homes can as well help to lower your living expenses by helping you make considerable savings on utility bills. Modular homes are designed to be more energy efficient making use of high-quality windows and better insulation. Owners of modular homes can therefore expect to spend less of utility bills.

Being more energy efficient, modular homes help you do you bit for the environment. What’s more, you can also expect better re-sale value of your home should you decide to sell it.

More financing options

Apart from regular financing options, you can also look forward to getting finance from manufacturer. It is quite possible to get attractive deals from manufacturer which will further help to lower the cost of construction.


Let’s consider the cons of building a modular home.

Less popular

Idea of modular homes have still not found public acceptance. There is still lot of stigma attached to modular homes so these are often downplayed by people. Selling them off is also more challenging as compared to selling a traditional stick built home.

Limited customization opportunity

The way they are built in an assembly line, modular homes offer you limited customization flexibility. You can, on the other hand, be more creative when it comes to stick built home.

You still need land

Even if you are going for a modular home you would still need to buy land where you will erect your home. Most sellers only discuss the cost of modular home. So be aware that you would still need to buy a piece of land. Also, make sure to check if your neighborhood allows construction of modular home.

Complicated loan process

While most people are aware of the loan process for regular homes, there are few more steps involved in the payment of modular homes. You would need to pay in full before the construction of your modular homes get completed. The manufacturer would demand to be paid in installments as the building process advances. So you would be required to avail a construction loan first to pay the manufacturer. This loan will then be converted to regular mortgage once the construction of home gets completed. Take time to understand the loan process and look forward to best interest rates.


Go for a modular home only if you fully understand the quality benefits of modular homes and are ready to bear its cons. A modular home is not for you if you seek customization and want to impress others. And, just like buying regular stick built homes, you would need to shop around and carefully choose your manufacturer.


Article By Rebecca at:

Pros and Cons of Modular Homes

Responsibilities of a Modular Home Builder in Michigan

Modular Home CustomizationThe modular home builder is always sought by potential home owners. He is expected to provide quality services. To have a better home building experience, it is advised to understand the responsibilities of a modular home builder.

Floor Plans and Other Options

There are unique modular floor plans with all the options you wish. A modular home builder secures that these floor plans are affordable and the options that come with it are handled at a reasonable price. You can get a basement, or add a front porch to give character to your home. You can also enhance the energy efficiency of your modular home by adding insulated walls and foundations and other state-of-the-art products.

During this phase, a home buyer must be sharp whether the home builder will be able to construct the floor plan you wish to have. You must also note the years and quality of their experience in modular home customization. Some custom modular home builder are new in the industry, which could hinder the realization of your dream home.

Financing a Modular Home Customization

Working with a modular home builder requires budget because some customization is hard and free service. There are certain fees required for the implementation of the changes you want. In this situation, a home buyer must be vigilant with the home builder. If you think the customization cost is higher than you expected, you may just have to inform about it. But if he stands firm with the costly price, then you may jump into another home builder who offers low price home customization.

Experience Modular Customization

Always look to the experience of a modular home builder when shopping for a professional person who would build your dream home. It does not necessarily mean the number of years he had been in the modular industry. Also custom modular home is a new avenue so it is imperative to check his experience on this area. A wise home buyer would always look for the quality of a home builder’s work through the years. When you there are couple of glitches in his works, he may not be the right for you.

In case you still have questions about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile, you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog.

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Improving the Efficiency of Modular Home Construction in Michigan

Modular Home ConstructionThe modular home construction industry in Michigan has made significant advances in implementing processes and materials to build and deliver more sophisticated and complex prefab houses. More and more customers are turning to modular homes for a number of reasons. Always known for its time saving advantages, a modular home is now being recognized for being a more resource-efficient, inherently greener process.

Legendary Homes Inc. in southern Michigan has made it a point to improve the delivery of each modular home we built. We have our own special techniques to provide efficient and sturdy modular homes. The following, thereof, are some of the techniques why modular construction has been improving.

Use of Technology

Modular home builders, manufacturers and general contractors have shifted their system to an efficient process. They incorporated the use of technology to the modular home construction process. From planning and designing the floor plan to the application of finishes, a range of information technology tools and applications including computer-aided design and drafting (CADD), and three– and four–dimensional visualization and modeling programs are utilized. Effective use of these technologies requires integrated, collaborative processes and effective planning up front and thus can help overcome obstacles to efficiency created by process fragmentation.

Improve Job- Site

The job site for a modular home construction project is a dynamic place, involving numerous contractors, subcontractors, trades people, and laborers, all of whom require equipment, materials, and supplies to complete their tasks. Managing these activities and demands to achieve the maximum efficiency from the available resources is difficult and typically not done well. Time, money, and resources are wasted when projects are poorly managed, causing workers to have to wait around for tools and work crews’ schedules to conflict; when work crews are not on–site at the appropriate time; or when supplies and equipment are stored haphazardly, requiring that they be moved multiple times.

Proper Use of Modular Home Construction Techniques

Prefabrication, preassembly, modularization, and off–site fabrication involve the fabrication or assembly of systems and components at off-site locations and manufacturing plants. Once completed, the components of a modular home are shipped to a construction job site for installation at the appropriate time. These techniques offer the promise of lower project costs, shorter schedules, improved quality, and more efficient use of labor and materials.

In case you still have questions about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile, you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog.

Topic: Modular Home Construction

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Photo Gallery Slideshow

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