Modular Home Price: How Much is My Home

A modular home price is always the first thing to check whenever a home buyer is shopping for affordable modular home. It is a tool that helps in determining which home builder for hire. But how much really is a modular home?

Modular Home Price in Michigan

Multi Box Ranch Modular Home

Dealing with an accurate number for the cost of a modular home is just an overwhelming task. This is due to the different variables included in the price of each modular homes. Along with the basic materials in modular construction, customization and landscaping can be added in the total price of a modular home. Also, modular home builders and manufacturers give unique services to their customers. Some will include everything, from securing of permits to the completion of the building process; while others will exclude transportation or delivery price from the total modular home cost. Modular home price may cover the cost of land as well.

In modular home price, home buyers must also be aware that each state or regions has different standards when it comes to modular homes. These standards or rules can affect the price of a modular home. Modular home builders in some state do not contain other charges like installation of utility systems fees in their price sheets. On the other hand, other builders include almost everything when giving an estimated home price.

Standard Modular Home Price

A standard modular home would cost lesser than those with complex layout or floor plan. It is suitable for those who have minimum wages and those who plan to apply for a financing loan. A complex floor plans usually those with three or more rooms and has advanced designs.

You cannot locate an accurate modular home price. Every home builder has to price sheets that differ from one another and from each floor plan to the other. Most of the time, they will first give you an estimated range of the cost of a modular home. But if you did not want the price of your modular home, you can go over your builder and ask for a quote.

A standard modular home usually has prices that range from $90 to $180. This price range is calculated per square foot. Higher modular home price range would indicate that the home is more sleek and much advanced in terms of design and customization. So the cost of a standard modular home would roughly be estimated between $100, 000 to $400, 000.

When shopping for modular home price, do not forget to compare what are the variables included in them. Be aware that not all home builders or general contractors offer the same services.

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What are the Variables Included in the Modular Home Price in Jackson, Michigan

Finding out how much is the modular home price of a standard floor plan in Michigan gives home buyers the idea what design suits their budget. The cost of a modular home is determined per square foot so the total cost would be influenced by the size of the house. The price would also serve as influenced by customization of certain areas. Additionally, there are other fees that may affect the modular home price in Michigan. These fees may be awarded to the permits, land estimation, and engineering and architectural design services.

As the home buyers in Michigan would first ask about the modular home price, home builders would give the quote or estimate. Usually, estimate of the cost of a modular home is not accurate. Home dealers will also give information on what are contained in the modular home price.

Modular Home Price in Michigan

MultiBox Modular Home

Modular Home Price: Modules and Other Things in the Factory

The first variable included in the modular home price is the price of modules per square foot. Each manufacturer has set different price ranges for every design or floor plan. Some home builders would give an estimate of $150 to $180 per square foot. Others will give $100 or below price per square foot on their standard modular home floor plans like the ranch style. This price is also subject to change when a moderate to major customization will be installed.

Modular Home Price: Customization of Exterior and Interior Features

Just because customization is allowed doesn’t mean you won’t spend money. Home builders would charge for the modifications made in the roofing, walls, and flooring or modular homes. Some would take fees for adding porches, decks, and garage. Changing of paint colors or putting bricks on the walls, can leverage the cost of a modular home. There are builders who provide options for modifying the common areas inside the house. The kitchen is one of the frequent subjects of interior customization when it comes to modular homes.

Major changes made in both of interior and exterior features of modular homes would mean increased expenditure. So it is a good idea to look for home builders who provide free modular home customization services. You can save substantial time in hiring them.

Modular Home Price: Appliances and Utilities

Other variables that influence the price of a modular home in Michigan are the appliances and the installment of utility systems. Some home builders would give home buyers the choice which appliances would be incorporated into the contract. Installing of utility systems such as water system and electricity also charge for fees. The cost of installment of the utility system typically depends on the location of a modular home.

To sum up, modular home price in Michigan includes the modules, customization, and other utilities. Some modular price is leveraged by landscaping works.

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Why Do You Need To Have An Excellent General Contractor To Build a Modular Home

A superior modular home is build by the best general contractor. And you can just find this kind of modular home contractor by performing research about the modular home contractor. Your search must start on why you need to hire a general contractor.

A general contractor is a person assigned to monitor overall work in the whole duration of the construction process. He has a responsibility to monitor the progress of every task and to check and answer any issues concerning the building process. But why do we need to hire only the best general contractor in town?

Here are some of the reasons that hiring the best general contractor is a wise move:

General Contractor

Modular Home General Contractor

A General Contractor Revolutionizes Modular Home Building Process

There are numerous reasons why most home buyers employ general contractors to construct a modular home. One of which is because he and his team have revolutionized the building process of modular homes to give utmost living comfort to home owners. They have incorporated both traditional and advanced technologies. Some general contractors have not fully embraced the new strategies of modular housing, but they have been integrating these strategies slowly. The combination of old and new strategies has been found to be reliable in building a high performance modular home.

A General Contractor Is Organize

Most general contractors have the best organizational skill. They are meticulous in how their work must go through. They follow a scheme so every phase in the building process is done appropriately and with no mistakes. When hiring a general contractor, it is better to look at the number or impact of delays they encountered in their previous works. An effective and organize general contractor has lesser to no delays when it comes to modular construction.

A General Contractor is Transparent and Trustworthy

Important characteristics of an excellent general contractor are being transparent and trustworthy. He is fair in the presentation of floor plans and modular home prices. He put transparency on how much had been done with the modular home and what needs to be done. If there are glitches during the modular construction process, it is his job to inform the home buyer for details. When he has been transparent and honest even before the start of the construction process, you are confident that he is trustworthy. You can leave a trust that he can complete your modular home.

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Understanding the Different Tasks of a Modular Home General Contractor

There appears to be a misunderstanding when it comes to modular home general contractor. He is sometimes known as the home builder or the home dealer. Some even considered him to be the manufacturer of modular homes. The truth is, a general contractor is the leader of the modular construction team who oversees the job of a home dealer, home builder and the manufacturer. He may be a home dealer most of the time.

The completion of a modular home is controlled by a general contractor. He is responsible to see how much work is done for the day and what has to be done for the other day. His tasks can be divided into discrete locations involve in modular home construction. These locations are the manufacturing factory, and project site.

Modular Home General Contractor

Building of Modular Home On- Site is monitored by a General Contractor

Modular Home Factory Tasks of a General Contractor

Modular home general contractor gathers and checks the necessary permits before the commencement of the sections of a modular home. He works with the manufacturer in monitoring the evolution of the building process. He is also tasked to channel the modular construction process with a third party person or the housing department and financing representative. In the entire time the sections are built-in the factory, the general contractor is expected to check whether the construction is on schedule or not.

While the sections or modules are being created in the manufacturing factory, general contractors are required to monitor the quality of each module. He must evaluate if each of them complies with the building codes. Interestingly, the general contractor can commence his tasks in the project site immediately after the start of the construction of modules in the controlled indoor factory.

Tasks of a Modular Home General Contractor in the Project Site

Tasks in the project site involve those works needed to prepare the land for the home. Permits prior to building the modular home in the preferred land are accomplished by general contractors. Then if the land has pre- existing trees or shrubs, general contractors need to hire workers to cut them down. Once the permits are in, foundation or basement hole can be started. Septic system and drainage system are also part of this phase.

When the modules are made on the site, he is expected to monitor how his team assembles and secures the modules properly. He sees to it that each module is connected securely to each other to avoid having leaks that may cause problems later on. He also has the power to take the work on schedule.

The work of a modular home general contractor does not end in the setting up of modular homes. He is tasked to oversee the installment of plumbing and electricity system, HVAC system and the exterior finishes. Interior features are also installed by the general contractor and his team. Addition of garage, porch, or decks is also included in the project site tasks of a modular home contractor.

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Working with a Custom Modular Home Builder in Addison, Michigan

What are the pros and cons when working with a custom modular home builder? How will a home buyer deal with these negative and positive factors?

Custom Modular Home Builder

Ranch Modular Home in Michigan

Modular home builders are not just focused on the standard modular home design. They also channel their skills and knowledge in providing custom- designed homes. These homes get the incorporation of personal preferences of the home buyers. With the assistance of a custom modular home builder, modifications laid out by home buyers are installed in high quality.

The home builder who specializes in modular customization is always sought by potential home owners. He is expected to provide average for full customization services. But he does not have spared from various pros and cons of modular home construction. So it is better for a home buyer to understand the factors leverages the work of a custom modular home builder.

Custom Modular Home Builder: Floor Plans and Other Options

There are unique modular floor plans with all the options you wish. A custom modular home builder secures that these floor plans are affordable and the options that come with it are handled at a reasonable price. You can get a basement, or add a front porch to give character to your home. You can also enhance the energy efficiency of your modular home by adding insulated walls and foundations and other state-of-the-art products.

During this phase, a home buyer must be sharp whether the home builder will be able to construct the floor plan you wish to have. You must also note the years and quality of their experience in modular home customization. Some custom modular home builder are new in the industry, which could hinder the realization of your dream home.

Custom Modular Home Builder: Financing a Modular Home Customization

Working with a custom modular home builder requires budget because some customization is hard and free service. There are certain fees required for the implementation of the changes you want. In this situation, a home buyer must be vigilant with the home builder. If you think the customization cost is higher than you expected, you may just have to inform about it. But if he stands firm with the costly price, then you may jump into another home builder who offers low price home customization.

Custom Modular Home Builder: Experience Modular Customization

Always look to the experience of a modular home builder when shopping for a professional person who would build your dream home. It does not necessarily mean the number of years he had been in the modular industry. Also custom modular home is a new avenue so it is imperative to check his experience on this area. A wise home buyer would always look for the quality of a home builder’s work through the years. When you there are couple of glitches in his works, he may not be the right for you.

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The Truth About Your Modular Home Builder

It is always substantial to get to know who is your modular home builder. You are required to push a serious research on his capabilities to complete a modular home. You have to see to it that his works meet or exceed the standards set by state and local building agencies. And to do this, you need to unravel the truthful things about your modular home builder.

Honest things a modular home builder influence how the modular homes are built. Some of these things delight the personal and professional characteristics of a home builder. Among these truths is how they work with your budget, floor plan and home design.

Modular Home Builder and their Homes

Two Story Modular Homes

Modular Home Builder and Your Budget

The truth about a modular home builder who works with a home buyer on a budget is that he sees to it that he will give justice to the it. The first he would do to be to provide you with floor plans that go with your budget. There are modular homes that are less expensive and are built for minimum wage home buyers or to those who can’t pay in cash. Home builders who are working with a fixed budget are always resourceful. They find ways to provide high quality construction materials despite being harnessed by a limited budget.

Interestingly, modular home builders, who wish to help a home buyer in realizing his dream home, assist in the application of modular home financing. They work with home buyers in completing the requirements that are submitted to financing institutions or banks specializing in modular financing.

Modular Home Builder Provides Floor Plans

Modular floor plans are presented by home builders in a manner that the potential home buyer could understand. He is described in detail in giving the facts about each of the floor plan. He is not doing the presentation to pry on his buyer. Instead he is just being informative. If a home buyer sounds like he’s really selling or pushing a customer to buy, then he is just desperate to sell. He is not here to provide an utmost service to home buyers.

A good home builder also gives the pros and cons of each modular home floor plans. He lays out the bigger picture of owning a modular home.

Designs Given by a Modular Home Builder

Upholding the truth about modular housing leads to the different modular home designs that home builders are holding. There are so many modular designs that home buyers can choose from. Modular home builders are responsible for providing these unique designs in an honest way. For example, he must not mislead the home buyer, who lives in a colder area, to purchase a ranch modular home. Instead, he must present what type of home designs are suitable in each of the regions in the United States.

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Evaluating the Modular Home Dealer in Allen, Michigan

The selection process for the appropriate modular home dealer is not easy. You just have to choose among the numerous home dealers scattered across America especially in Michigan. These dealers are widely known to have their own and distinct reputation and experience. They also built a solid foundation to be trusted and recommended by most of the customers.

The job of a modular home dealer is to present information about modular homes, give estimates and ask the manufacturer to build the modular homes. He is responsible for connecting the home buyer and the manufacturer to each other. His role in a modular team is not an easy thing to be done. But how can we evaluate a modular home dealer? What are the key factors to consider if he is excellent in prefabricated housing?

Modular Home Dealer

Ranch Modular Home

Experience of Modular Home Dealer

In evaluating whether a modular home dealer is the perfect match for your dream home, you need to examine his experience. This factor is deemed to be the most significant one when choosing for a home dealer. It is an instrument which is needed for assessing the quality of work a home dealer does.

To know the experience of a home dealer, you should look at the number of years he has been in the industry and how he produces quality modular homes. It has been shown that those who have longer years of experience in modular housing build a superior performance modular home. It is also important to note the number of modular homes he and his team have produced in a year. This shows that there are a solid number of clients that seek his help. And lastly, some home dealers construct specific type of modular home so it is recommended to look at this avenue too.

Manufacturer He Deals With

A modular home dealer is often considered to be one of the best if the modular home he provides conform with the standards of the state and local building codes. He has the right knowledge on how to obtain information on the progress of the building process. But above all, see the manufacturer he deals with. He must have the skill configure in work with the manufacturer and home builder to make high quality modules. Often home dealers who work with top manufacturers are considered to be excellent in modular housing.

Customer Support Provided by Modular Home Dealer

It is always great to find a modular home dealer who put his customers first. When evaluating whether the home dealer is the right one, make sure that he is there whenever you needed help for your modular home. It is also imperative to ask questions pertaining to the mode of communication you will have between the home dealer. Is it through mobile phones, emails or personal meetings?

Moreover, a home dealer with an exceptional customer service would give you reviews of his work. He may present you his previous clients, whom you can ask about the works of your chosen home dealer. If this cannot be provided by the home dealer, then you must get another one.

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Questions to Ask to a Modular Home Dealer in Addison, Michigan

It is imperative that you pick the right modular home dealer in Addison, Michigan for this person gives you the bridge to the manufacturer. He talks with both the manufacturer and the home builder on how the modular home will be constructed. This gives him credit as directly dealing with both the home buyer and the manufacturer by providing him information about the house he’s going to build.

You want a home dealer that is going to do your property justice and get you a good price. So before you sign anything and enter any deal with a modular home dealer there are number of questions you need to ask; here are some of the best questions to ask to make sure you receive efficient service.

Modular Home Dealer

Modular Home in Addison, Michigan

How much does a modular home dealer charge?

The first question to call for a modular home dealer is how much they charge. This is done prior to everything to settle if the price is too high for a home buyer. Rates typically vary from one home dealer to another, but it may be at around one to three percent of the overall price. There are some dealers who charge lesser than the other and eventually you get low quality of service. And there are others who charge inexpensively yet give the best service to their customers. Lower price can pose a threat to the service you receive from a home dealer.

Prior to making an agreement with the modular home dealer, it is a must for a home buyer to gather all the information so any discrepancies could be seen and fixed.

What are included in the modular home price?

One of the things that a modular home dealer will present during initial meetings is the estimated price of a modular home. Though not in a very detailed information and may vary in many regions, the estimated price of a modular home is a tool to determine how much is projected to construct a home. This is equally a way to decipher whether you can afford the dealer’s price or not. Comparing the price given by two or more dealers is a good way to determine the correct modular home dealer.

To dig deeper with the modular home price, you should ask the home dealer what are included in it. Some dealers do not include landscaping cost or fees for getting permits when building a modular home. Eligible home dealers will answer you about this, but if they cannot give you the detailed description of the modular home price, you may need to look for another home dealer. This question is wisely thrown so you can gauge the knowledge of a modular dealer in modular home construction.

Who is the modular home manufacturer he’s working with?

The primary job of a modular home dealer includes ordering of modular homes from the manufacturer. Ask who is the modular home manufacturer he’s collaborating with. Sometimes when a dealer is working with companies like Champion Homes or Redman Homes is an interesting grab. The partnership of the home dealer and the manufacturer has should be assessed too.

Who is the best modular home dealer in Addison?

In Addison, Legendary Homes is one of the best modular home dealers that most home buyers go to. We serve with our utmost service to provide high quality dwelling to our customers. We have the right staff to discuss the requirements for building a modular home and everything that go along with it.

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Making Your Own Modular Home Design

How to make a modular home design online? What are the steps to draw the modular design using the virtual design tool?

The account to create your own modular home design makes your building experience even more personal. It gives you the confidence that your dream home will be realized as what you have expected. It is also a means to show to the home builder what you want for a modular home and how you want it to be build. Designing a modular home is in the home buyer’s hands, thereof.

There are manufacturers and home builders who provide online design tool kit to home buyers. This tool kit allows them to create a picture of their home prior to making an appointment to any home dealer. It then provides convenience to the home buyer. So to start making your own modular home design, here are the simple steps.

Modular Home Design

The Dakota Modular Home

Choosing the Modular Home Design

The first step in designing your own modular home is to choose Legendary Homes, which is a trusted home builder in Michigan for twenty years now. Then go to the Design Your Own Home page. Choose the model home that fits your dream home. You can select in the many home models like the Fitzgerald, Dakota, Woodridge or Delmont.

Drawing the Modular Home Design

Once you have the modular home of your choice, you can click the Kitchen Design Tool. This tool provides options to implement modifications or changes to the design of kitchen cabinet, color of the kitchen walls, among others. Legendary Homes allows you to print what you have done so you could show it to one of the representatives.

Exterior Finishes in Modular Home Design

Maybe the most exciting part of modular home designing is drawing the exterior finish of a modular home. It gives more character to your home. It also compels passing neighbors to check or visit your house. An attractive exterior finish will just make a difference for a modular home, so to speak.

Custom- designed modular homes have made impossible exterior finishes possible. You can ask your home builder to add intricate accents and designs to windows and doors, and roofs. Adding more personality to the modular house is also allowed by home builders. So you can install dormers, decorative gables or Victorian turrets into your home.

Once all your designs have been implemented by a modular home builder or the general contractor, your home can become indistinguishable from traditional homes.  The effective exterior finishes installed into the makes all the difference.

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The Art of Knowing the Different Modular Home Designs in Michigan

The many modular home designs in Michigan present today provide a better avenue for modular housing. They allow many options for home buyers. These designs are realized to accommodate the wishes of home buyers. They also enhance the capabilities of a home builder to build simple to complex modular homes. And because of this, the number of modular home designs has increased since then.

The idea of choosing different modular home designs give us the liberty to learn that modular housing is not just about boxes and boring stuff. It is also about knowing each of design’s characteristics. So today we have to decipher that there are numerous designs that represent a modular but they can be narrowed into two categories. They are commonly called the One Story, and Multi- Story modular homes.

One Story Modular Home Designs

Modular Home Designs

One Story Modular Home

One story modular homes are one of the first designs that emerged since the realization of modular housing in Michigan. Rancher and Cape Cod designs are among the best representation of this type of design.

The ranch or the rancher is a type of a one story modular home that is popular in warmer regions. Its design follows the asymmetrical rectangle floor plan with short roof. It is accentuated by the addition of a front porch, deck or a garage. A standard rancher has a design that is suitable for wider spaces or lot areas. Today, modular home builders allow home buyers to customize the interior and exterior features of the ranch in accordance to their preferences.

The second type of one story modular home is the Cape Cod, which has distinct characteristics from the rancher. Unlike the rancher, Cape Cod has a sloped roof, which can provide space for an attic or storage area. Its roof can either have dormers and windows with shutters. It is intricately designed to fit in colder regions in the United States.

Interestingly, Cape Cod and the Rancher can be converted into a two- story modular home in an affordable price.

Two Story Modular Home Designs

Two Story Modular Home Designs

Two Story Modular Home

Two story modular home designs in Michigan are typically represented by two above the ground floors. Its design is often mistaken for a conventional two story house because it can be indistinguishable even at a near distance. It takes less space and can be extended higher.

One of the two story modular home designs of Legendary Homes is the Fitzgerald. It has three bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. Unique to the design of the Fitzgerald is the addition of front porch that shades the owner from the sun while enjoying the outdoor view of his home.

Legendary Homes provide many modular home designs that could answer the needs of a home buyer. We have one story, two story and multi- section modular homes. Our customers have the benefit to design their own modular homes online by going into our DiVE- IN design your own home link.

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