Insulating the Basement of Modular Homes in Addison, Michigan

Modular Homes and Insulated Precast FoundationHomes, especially modular homes, in colder climates like in Addison, lose a great amount of heat through the basement walls. To prevent this huge loss, modular home contractors suggest an energy-efficient basement. You can complete easy ways to make your basement energy efficient, by insulating the basement walls.

Installed properly, insulation allows us to make basements comfortable, limit escaping heat and help keep moisture at bay. But before insulating the basement of modular homes, consider some tips for basement insulation.

Inquire the Local Building Codes

Check local codes to determine if you are required to add fire-rated protection over the insulation. Even if not required by code, adding fire-rated covering can add additional protection.

Check the Benefits of Insulating the Basement of Modular Homes

Because the basement is connected to the rest of your home, insulating the basement ceiling does not afford as much energy-efficiency as insulating the basement walls. Insulating the walls does more to protect modular homes from outside temperature and moisture. Insulating the walls is also easier and requires less insulation, leaving you with more savings during the construction.

Discuss the Type of Insulation with Your Contractor

If you are building a new modular home, ask the contractor about concrete block insulation or insulated concrete forms, which can be installed during construction and provide additional energy efficiency in your basement.

Concrete block insulation or the insulated concrete forms (ICF) is used especially for modular homes because of its efficiency and high quality advantages. The self-supporting blocks of the insulated concrete form are locked together to create a structure strong enough to hold poured concrete. The insulation of the ICF is dependent on the units, however most of the general contractors in Addison used R15- R19 to ensure high quality insulation.

In case you still have question about modular homes and insulated precast foundation, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog

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Types of Basement for Modular Homes in Addison, Michigan

Modular Homes and Poured Basement

Building of Modular Home on a Poured Basement

Basement for modular homes provides several advantages such as additional living space for the family, extra storage, and even a place for entertainment and leisure. Basement is one of the many areas that enhance the value of modular homes. Its construction can be done with concrete block, poured concrete, precast concrete, or even treated wood.

The following are the types of basement materials use for modular homes;

Precast Concrete Foundation System for Modular Homes

Precast concrete foundation systems can save money by reducing on-site costs. This type of basement construction uses factory-made concrete panels that are shipped to the site and assembled on site-built footings. Many times the footings are actually gravel trenches and not poured concrete. The cost saving comes from the elimination of the need to build concrete forms and then strip away the forms and transport them off-site. But usually those benefits are not significant for a “one of a kind” modular home. In modular homes that are built repetitively in a subdivision, there is an economy of scale with precast concrete foundations that can save both time and money that is multiplied over many modular homes.

Precast concrete basement construction is quite strong. But it is not as commonly done as poured concrete or concrete block. If you’re buying a modular home with this type of foundation, you do not have to worry about that. Just be sure to get documented engineering certification on the design. It will give you peace of mind and also reassure a future buyer of the integrity of the basement and house foundation.

Concrete Block for Modular Homes Basement

Modular homes with concrete block is quite common. It will produce a strong basement in most locales. Concrete block tends to be the most economical way to build a basement for modular homes. You’ll have many more concrete masons to bid the job than sub-contractors who can do poured concrete basement construction. The competition tends to produce lower prices. However, concrete block, even if reinforced, is not appropriate for areas that have expansive soil.

Although not as strong as reinforced concrete basement construction, concrete block basements are absolutely strong enough to support a house and can be reinforced to make them even stronger if your site conditions require it. The amount of reinforcement you need will depend on the amount of soil your basement walls will hold back. A structural engineer can advise you on the exact way to do this. But here are some basic guidelines.

Poured Concrete Basement for Modular Homes

For areas with expansive soils and if modular homes will have an unbalanced fill condition above six feet, reinforced concrete basement construction would be best. This is the most expensive option. But consider how much you are investing in the construction of your house. It is probably a prudent investment to make sure your house foundation will perform as intended and not require expensive repairs in the future. A structural engineer is necessary for the design of a reinforced poured concrete foundation.

Reinforced poured concrete basement construction is a multiple step operation. First, forms are erected according to the structural or architectural plans. Next, reinforcing steel bars are assembled within the forms and tied together. When that is completed, concrete is poured into the forms. When the concrete is two or three days old, the forms are stripped away and the concrete basement walls remain. By then, the concrete is strong enough to support itself in that short time. After seven days, it is nearly up to its ultimate strength. But the concrete curing process will continue for several more weeks until the chemical process within the concrete is complete.

There is one aspect of poured basement construction that actually overpower some of the additional cost. Concrete foundations can be built very quickly, sometimes in as little as two to three days, speeding up the construction schedule of modular homes. Rain and foul weather can delay progress on a concrete block basement. The time savings converts to money savings you’ll see in site supervision costs and construction financing.

One additional benefit of poured basement construction is that concrete walls are intrinsically much more resistant to water infiltration than concrete block walls. You still should waterproof the basement walls properly. But the added water-tightness of poured concrete will give you a second line of defense against damaging water intrusion.

In case you still have question about modular homes and insulated precast foundation, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog

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Working with a Custom Modular Home Builder in Addison, Michigan

What are the pros and cons when working with a custom modular home builder? How will a home buyer deal with these negative and positive factors?

Custom Modular Home Builder

Ranch Modular Home in Michigan

Modular home builders are not just focused on the standard modular home design. They also channel their skills and knowledge in providing custom- designed homes. These homes get the incorporation of personal preferences of the home buyers. With the assistance of a custom modular home builder, modifications laid out by home buyers are installed in high quality.

The home builder who specializes in modular customization is always sought by potential home owners. He is expected to provide average for full customization services. But he does not have spared from various pros and cons of modular home construction. So it is better for a home buyer to understand the factors leverages the work of a custom modular home builder.

Custom Modular Home Builder: Floor Plans and Other Options

There are unique modular floor plans with all the options you wish. A custom modular home builder secures that these floor plans are affordable and the options that come with it are handled at a reasonable price. You can get a basement, or add a front porch to give character to your home. You can also enhance the energy efficiency of your modular home by adding insulated walls and foundations and other state-of-the-art products.

During this phase, a home buyer must be sharp whether the home builder will be able to construct the floor plan you wish to have. You must also note the years and quality of their experience in modular home customization. Some custom modular home builder are new in the industry, which could hinder the realization of your dream home.

Custom Modular Home Builder: Financing a Modular Home Customization

Working with a custom modular home builder requires budget because some customization is hard and free service. There are certain fees required for the implementation of the changes you want. In this situation, a home buyer must be vigilant with the home builder. If you think the customization cost is higher than you expected, you may just have to inform about it. But if he stands firm with the costly price, then you may jump into another home builder who offers low price home customization.

Custom Modular Home Builder: Experience Modular Customization

Always look to the experience of a modular home builder when shopping for a professional person who would build your dream home. It does not necessarily mean the number of years he had been in the modular industry. Also custom modular home is a new avenue so it is imperative to check his experience on this area. A wise home buyer would always look for the quality of a home builder’s work through the years. When you there are couple of glitches in his works, he may not be the right for you.

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Questions to Ask to a Modular Home Dealer in Addison, Michigan

It is imperative that you pick the right modular home dealer in Addison, Michigan for this person gives you the bridge to the manufacturer. He talks with both the manufacturer and the home builder on how the modular home will be constructed. This gives him credit as directly dealing with both the home buyer and the manufacturer by providing him information about the house he’s going to build.

You want a home dealer that is going to do your property justice and get you a good price. So before you sign anything and enter any deal with a modular home dealer there are number of questions you need to ask; here are some of the best questions to ask to make sure you receive efficient service.

Modular Home Dealer

Modular Home in Addison, Michigan

How much does a modular home dealer charge?

The first question to call for a modular home dealer is how much they charge. This is done prior to everything to settle if the price is too high for a home buyer. Rates typically vary from one home dealer to another, but it may be at around one to three percent of the overall price. There are some dealers who charge lesser than the other and eventually you get low quality of service. And there are others who charge inexpensively yet give the best service to their customers. Lower price can pose a threat to the service you receive from a home dealer.

Prior to making an agreement with the modular home dealer, it is a must for a home buyer to gather all the information so any discrepancies could be seen and fixed.

What are included in the modular home price?

One of the things that a modular home dealer will present during initial meetings is the estimated price of a modular home. Though not in a very detailed information and may vary in many regions, the estimated price of a modular home is a tool to determine how much is projected to construct a home. This is equally a way to decipher whether you can afford the dealer’s price or not. Comparing the price given by two or more dealers is a good way to determine the correct modular home dealer.

To dig deeper with the modular home price, you should ask the home dealer what are included in it. Some dealers do not include landscaping cost or fees for getting permits when building a modular home. Eligible home dealers will answer you about this, but if they cannot give you the detailed description of the modular home price, you may need to look for another home dealer. This question is wisely thrown so you can gauge the knowledge of a modular dealer in modular home construction.

Who is the modular home manufacturer he’s working with?

The primary job of a modular home dealer includes ordering of modular homes from the manufacturer. Ask who is the modular home manufacturer he’s collaborating with. Sometimes when a dealer is working with companies like Champion Homes or Redman Homes is an interesting grab. The partnership of the home dealer and the manufacturer has should be assessed too.

Who is the best modular home dealer in Addison?

In Addison, Legendary Homes is one of the best modular home dealers that most home buyers go to. We serve with our utmost service to provide high quality dwelling to our customers. We have the right staff to discuss the requirements for building a modular home and everything that go along with it.

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Custom Modular Home Options in Addison Michigan

Investing in a home is a very significant investment in anyone’s life. Modular homes are an exemplary option as a better way in organizing your home space. Well organized homes are not only comfortable but also necessary for your well being. Modular homes are very popular due to their ability to meet these requirements. These homes are usually tougher than traditional homes. They are designed based on individual needs providing housing spaces that resist the effects of trans-location from the manufacturing plants. Excellent modular homes are built for Addison Michigan and adhere to the Michigan Building Code.

Modular buildings are cost effective and Eco-friendly as they are manufactured from recycled material such as plastics, shipping containers, reused steel and sustainably harvested wood. However building modular homes is being faced by a few challenges key being merging eco-friendly designs and innovativeness considering the economic realities of Addison MI such revolutionary designs provide the flexibility and liberty to design your home to your taste. Modular homes are highly beneficial as they provide both affordability and luxury for ideal homes for potential owners. These homes are cost effective tough and durable. Addison MI is dotted with large number of modular home builders such as HUD homes in Addison, home builder MI and MI modular homes. Controlled conditions use of finer materials ensures that the modular homes are price relative.

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Cost Effective and Durable Modular Homes

Contemplating modular homes should take into consideration many factors. Modular homes provide just what people need which is real value for money. The improvement in quality make modular homes a better option than most conventional homes. Most of these homes can even live up to your dream of a perfect home of your dreams. Today they are built to varied and dynamic specifications, designs and architectural styles such as traditional, multi-level, and split-level.

Modular homes have a faster completion rate than traditional stick built homes. From start to finish the building process is fast since a greater percentage which is electrical and plumbing can be completed under controlled conditions in the manufacturing plants. A large part of the construction is completed in the manufacturing facility. These include fittings, plumbing installation of electrical systems, doors and cabinets which is usually done before leaving the manufacturing plant. Upon arrival on site the modular home is set on the ground work which reduces the need for contractor and sub-contractors further cutting down on the costs time and strain associated with construction.

Building a Modular Home in Addison MI

With normal construction loans, the first payments are usually meant to settle interest charges. Normally, construction loans for traditionally constructed buildings take about 6 to 12 months. Taking this into account, a reduction in construction time could almost halve the costs associated with interest accrual. This saving could be much larger for bigger projects. This ensures less wasted material and less cash squandered for construction in Addison MI.

Since modular homes in Addison MI are built under controlled climatic conditions, material loss is very low. Typical traditional construction exposes building sites to thievery and poor weather conditions. This shows the cost-effectiveness of modular construction.

Stronger Construction Techniques.

Modular homes constructed in Addison MI meet the highest standards of strength due to complexities associated with transportation from manufacturing facilities that are usually several miles away. These aspects ensure the houses are strong enough to withstand strong movements and adjustments. The flooring includes heavy manufactured floors augmented with glued and nailed sub floors. Ceilings and walls are enhanced by thick wall boards and hefty rim joists. These enhancements are not only for transport as they can be left on upon reaching the site making the building stronger and more durable than those that are conventionally built.

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Affordable and Value Based Modular Homes

Considering the above advantages, a modular home should be a viable option if you are thinking of constructing a home in Addison MI. the advantages are innumerable ranging from reduced costs to lesser risks. Due to high quality construction techniques and the massive progression, lenders have become more willing to advance loans to those wishing to own such homes. You have probably seen a pre-built house being transported to a site in Addison MI where hopefully a family might call home one day. This was likely a modular home and it is for this great value and affordability that they are being massively embraced. Modular homes in Addison MI are by far the best valued homes being constructed compared to other homes according to property market segments. The type of home you desire will usually determine the cost and manufacturer that you will get. Modular homes though cost much less, with multi roofs allowing you to save 25 percent per square foot in relation to traditionally built homes. One of the ways that this reduction is ensured is through reduced construction time. This is besides guaranteeing you exemplary quality.

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