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Hey I just found this funny video Best|Modular Homes|517-206-2435|Model Home|Jackson|Michigan|Buy|MI|49234|Manufactured Homes on Youtube ! Model Home prices and floor plans. Modular Home Floor Plans are available through Legendary Homes near Jackson Michigan. Many different styles, sizes and functions to meet your every day living needs. Types of floor plans offered are in ranch, cape cods and two story homes. “One Call Does it ALL!”

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Hey I just found this crazy video Modular Homes|517-206-2435|Jackson|Michigan|Best|Buy|MI|49234|Manufactured Homes|High Quality|Homes on Youtube ! Legendary Homes offer Redman Homes and Genesis Homes. Which are a division of Champion Homes. Call Todd at (517)206-2435. Legendary Homes experience in the building industry is very good and with the reputation of having higher end homes. Make Legendary Homes Inc. your choice when it comes to high quality standards.

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Modular Homes|517-206-2435|Jackson|Michigan|Best|Buy|MI|Manufactured Homes|High Quality Homes|49201

Hey I just found this crazy video Modular Homes|517-206-2435|Jackson|Michigan|Best|Buy|MI|Manufactured Homes|High Quality Homes|49201 on Youtube ! Legendary Homes offer Redman Homes and Genesis Homes. Which are a division of Champion Homes. Call Todd at (517)206-2435. Legendary Homes experience in the building industry is very good and with the reputation of having higher end homes. Make Legendary Homes Inc. your choice when it comes to high quality standards.

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WLNS TV 6 Lansing Jackson Michigan News and Weather – WLNS.COM – – WLNS Home.flv

Busy holiday season in Lansing, MI!

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Michigan Death Fest 1 Deathfest Jackson Action news 10 Suzanne Wangler/Sheila Smoot

Clip # 2 Michigan Death Fest 1, Jackson MI 8/11/90. TV action news 10 Suzanne Wangler anchor and Sheila Smoot reporting live from the arena. Dave Waltz and Ray Razor Reyes of Harms Way pictured…live from the event

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In Jackson Michigan bored with video camera

Bored in Jackson Michigan …….. Add me Follow me

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Jackson-area boys golf regional preview: Jackson Northwest’s Michael Kanalas overcomes life’s challenges to succeed on golf course

Jackson-area boys golf regional preview: Jackson Northwest’s Michael Kanalas overcomes life’s challenges to succeed on …

, June 03, 2013 4:30 p.m.
JACKSON, MI – Michael Kanalas had big plans of making a name for himself through the sport of football and baseball.
But sometimes life can throw you a curveball, and in a matter of months, that curveball forced the Jackson Northwest High School senior to watch his football and baseball careers taken away from him.
It was a long road that has brought Kanalas to this weekend, when he will join teammate Tyler Seamans on Friday at Marshall Country Club for the Division 2 high school boys golf regional.
Several years ago, the golf course was not where Kanalas saw himself competing at the high school level. But with football and baseball no longer options, he had few athletic choices left.
First, it was football. A right knee injury suffered during eighth-grade football practice forced Kanalas to undergo reconstructive surgery, taking away his shot at ever strapping on pads again.
During his recovery from knee surgery, Kanalas fell down a stairwell at his home while walking on crutches, snapping his right foot and taking away his shot at baseball.
With the likelihood of never playing baseball or football again, he looked to his father, Tom Kanalas, for advice.
“As his father and biggest fan, I gave him the ultimatum or challenge that he must get back on the horse and try out for either baseball or for golf,” Tom Kanalas said. “I was secretly hoping that he would select golf, as there was a lot less risk of injury.”
Michael went out for the Jackson Northwest varsity golf team as a freshman and instantly made an impact.
In only his freshman year, Kanalas earned a varsity letter. He went on to earn academic all-conference three years in a row and was the No. 1 player for the Mounties as a junior.
Everything was moving along smoothly for Kanalas as his senior season of golf was approaching. Once again, Kanalas’ life took another turn.
While on a trip to Hilton Head, S.C., with his parents and friends, Kanalas became sick. Following a trip to the hospital, Kanalas was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, a disease that his 12-year old brother, Matthew, has dealt with since the age of 5.
“I just wondered in my head how this was going to change my life as I was laying in the hospital bed,” Kanalas said. “I honestly didn’t even feel like I changed, and I felt like the same person I had been for the past 17 years of my life. But I knew that somehow this was definitely going to alter my life, I just had no idea if it was going to be for the better or the worse.”
Rather than giving in to his diagnosis, Kanalas picked up right where he left off in his senior season.
He holds an 18-hole average of 88 in tournaments this year and a nine-hole average of 40.

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Suzanne Wangler Action News TV 10 Jackson Michigan DeathFest Death Fest 1 august 1990

TV news coverage from Michigan Death Fest 1, the original deathfest Jackson Optimist Sports Arena, Jackson Michigan MI August 11, 1990 8/11/90

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Michigan Deathfest coverage 1990 Jackson Lansing TV 10 Action NEWS death metal concert MI.mp4

Uploaded by michigandeathfest on 2009-11-28.

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Michigan Chronicle – U-M and city of Jackson collaborate to connect citizens

UM and city of Jackson collaborate to connect citizens – Michronicleonline

Details Category: News Briefs – Original Published on Monday, 10 June 2013 15:10 Written by Michigan Chronicle Staff
A partnership between the city of Jackson, Mich., and the University of Michigan School of Information aims to develop information tools such as mobile apps and social media sites designed to help citizens interact with their local government in new ways.
The project is pending the Jackson City Council’s approval of a resolution at 6:30 p.m. June 11.
The three-year project, Citizen Interaction Design, takes lessons learned in the business sector-namely that social media and technology can help people communicate and work together effectively-and applies them to local civic life.
“In recent years, we’ve seen an explosion of new information and communication technologies that have proven to be very effective in business settings,” said project leader Clifford Lampe, assistant professor of information. “While some of these tools have been used in individual projects in government applications, there haven’t been many systematic efforts to use new information tools to improve interactions between local governments and citizens.
“Our goal is to implement new information tools that help inform citizens, help them become engaged in local issues and get their feedback to policymakers in effective ways. We believe these efforts could revolutionize local citizenship.”
While a few larger cities have attempted similar endeavors, Lampe says he knows of none in communities the size of Jackson, which has 33,000 residents. He hopes the project can serve as a model for other places. What makes Citizen Interaction Design especially unusual, officials say, is the sustained, three-year partnership between the university and the city.
“With this initiative, the city of Jackson is working to address 21st century challenges with 21st century solutions,” said Derek Dobies, city council member and sponsor of the resolution supporting the project. “As the challenges for municipalities become more complex, we have to adapt and find new and better ways to interact with citizens.”
Today, city officials typically communicate with residents on an individual basis through phone calls and emails, and in person at city meetings. By leveraging mobile, social and web-based platforms, Dobies hopes to broaden the conversation-reach more citizens, hear from more of them and engage in more two-way dialogues.
“After all, communication is the foundation of a strong democracy and a strong community,” Dobies said.
Lampe says the U-M team is excited to work with Jackson.
“Jackson is in the midst of some changes in their planning, which creates a great context for these types of services,” he said. “In addition, they have a rich civil society layer, and some excellent groups working together already. We see our role as making the collaboration between these citizens and their government more efficient.”
Once approved, the project will begin immediately. The School of Information will hire a project manager and graduate students to work on projects over the summer. One goal for the summer would be to determine how Jackson’s residents currently use information tools-how many use smartphones, for example.
The U-M team would also work closely with the city to identify needs and solutions that can be implemented in the short term.

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