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The most frequently asked question in today’s housing marketplace is “Why should I buy a modular and not a H.U.D. built home? Is there really that much difference?”

To answer that question you need to be aware that there are two different building codes used when building manufactured and modular housing.
H.U.D., or manufactured homes, are built to a federal performance code and have a non-removable steel frame, otherwise the same as the “old double-wide trailer”.
Modular homes are built to the same codes as your site builder must use, State codes such as C.A.B.O. or B.O.C.A.
The cost and requirements for site builders and modular are considerably higher: it just depends on what is important to the buyer.


Here are some of the main differences:

A Legendary Home is designed to go on a crawl space or basement, and an alternate $2,500 basement floor system is not necessary.

A Legendary Home window and door has two 2′ x 6′ studs on both sides and a triple 2′ x 6′ laminated header over it, versus a single 2′ x 6′ on the sides and topped with studs placed in between 16″ on center.

A Legendary Home patio or atrium door has five 2′ x 6′ studs on each side and a triple laminated 2′ x 8′ header above instead of single 2′ x 6′ all around.

A Legendary Home has at least a 50-pound snow load rating and is made of 2 ‘ x 6′ and 2′ x 4′ lumber versus a 30-pound snow load with 2′ x 3′ and 2′ x 2’ trusses.

A Legendary Home will have 30% more lumber in it than a comparable site built home because it must be moved and rolled or crane set onto the foundation. No stick built home is designed to withstand that kind of stress.

A Legendary Home has every switch and outlet box nailed to a stud, not held in place the drywall by little ears.

A Legendary Home has no steel or permanent chassis in the floor system, it is an all-wood frame structure.

A Legendary Home has all 12-gauge copper wire instead of thinner 14-gauge.

A Legendary Home has all name brand metal cast body faucets, such as Moen™, instead of plastic off-brand types.

A Legendary Home has scald proof shower control to prevent sudden change in temperature instead of old style dual controls.

A Legendary Home has your choice of rigid CPVC Flow Guard Gold or copper water lines instead of flex tubing.

A Legendary Home has all the sales tax already paid on the material used, not on the total sales price, no one wants hidden surprises.

A Legendary Home has a 5/12 roof pitch, 200 amp service, real wood trim, baseboards, upgraded cabinet system, 2″ blinds, fiberglass tubs and showers, ceramic back splash throughout, kitchen soffit with can lights, nailed on shingles with a 30-year warranty, and many other features.

The real bottom line is, when you go to sell your home are you selling a “house” or a “trailer”.? Appraisers, bankers, and realtors often don’t have a very positive outlook on homes with steel frames under them.

If you buy a double-wide and try to sell it later, they will compare it to other “double-wides” regardless of brand, specs, or manufacturer. Many will sell for less as they get older.

We are in business to put you into a new HOME for less than the cost of site building and to save you time and headaches.


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