Jackson Parade of Homes 2019

Redman Homes Ashville Two Story

is the home we are proud to show at this years Jackson Parade of Homes held by the Jackson Home Builders Association.

Visit us at 2850 Reynolds Rd Jackson MI, (Spring Arbor) Just south of M60.

Legendary Homes Parade of Homes - Modular Homes Sales


Impressive Two Story Modular Home offering 4BR/3.5 BA.  This home greets you with a beautiful covered porch, spanning the length of 2nd story, that invites you into the large foyer with a beautiful open staircase to the 2nd floor. The incredible master suite, located on the main floor, is complete with a huge soaking tub, separate shower, and large walk-in wardrobe.

Family and friends can be entertained in the formal living room or relax in the cozy family room with views to the wooded backyard. This Redman Homes Ashville features an open concept kitchen with white cabinets, stainless appliances and large island, open to the formal dining room. Main floor laundry is conveniently located directly off the kitchen. The open staircase leads to the spacious loft and additional bedrooms, two of which have a shared bath and one large bedroom with its own private bathroom and walk-in closet. This sprawling 2840 sq ft home sits on a full insulated precast basement and has an attached 3 car garage.


Legendary Homes offer modular homes built by these great well known high-quality companies:  Redman Homes, All American Homes, Hechaman Homes, and Skyline Homes.


For a list of homes in the show visit HOME BUILDERS ASSOCIATION OF JACKSON

Jackson Parade of Homes 2019


Top Questions to Always Ask Your Home Contractors

After months or even years of planning, you’re finally ready to make your dream of building your own home a reality. But before you get started, your first step should be hiring a reliable contractor. Finding someone who is trustworthy and skilled in new home building is important, because hiring the wrong contractor could cause a huge headache for your family and cost you a lot of unbudgeted money.

One of the keys to finding the right contractor is knowing the right questions to ask. Be prepared for each potential contractor you interview with these important questions.

Are You Licensed?

General contractors should carry a license granted by your state that permits them to make major renovations and build new homes. Asking for proof of licensure from the start will guarantee that your contractor has met the basic requirements for working legally in your state.

Do You Have Insurance?

Before hiring a contractor to build your home, always make sure you are fully aware of what insurance they carry. All contractors should carry general liability insurance that will cover any damage that could occur in your home or to their tools as well as workers’ compensation to protect you from liability if one of their employees are injured in your home.

How Many Homes Like Mine Have You Built Recently?

Avoid working with a contractor who cannot provide proof that they have plenty of experience building homes like yours. The best way to be sure your contractor is skilled and experienced is to ask for a list of homes they have built over the last few years.

Can Your Provide References?

Here at Home Improvement Leads, we know that one of the best indications of a contractor’s reliability is their past work. As your contractor to provide a list of references from previous clients so you can follow up to see how satisfied they were with their new home. Since most contractors will only provide positive references to potential clients, it is a good idea to do your own research by reading reviews online or asking friends and family about their experiences with local contractors.

Will You Be Hiring Subcontractors?

When taking on a project like building a house, it isn’t uncommon for a general contractor to hire subcontractors for jobs that require more specialized skills. If this is the case for your contractor, you will also want to research the reputation of the subcontractors that will be working on your home.

What is the Typical Timeline for Building a House Like Mine?

Waiting for your new home to be built isn’t just exciting, it can become an inconvenience if it extends beyond your expected timeline. This is especially true if you have relocated to a rental or a family member’s home while your home is being built. Before hiring a contractor, make sure you have an honest conversation with them about the timing of the job.

Doing your research before starting your home building project can make the difference between a terrible experience and smooth sailing. If you’re well prepared and know all the right questions to ask, you’ll not only save yourself the headache of errors and oversights on the job, but you’ll ensure that the home-building process is as enjoyable as possible.

Top Questions to Always Ask Your Home Contractors

By: Mary Sauer

Seven Subcontractors You Didn’t Know Are Involved in Modular Home Construction

Subcontractors for Modular Home with Insulated FoundationAside from the manufacturer, general contractor, and modular home dealer, there are subcontractors involved in the construction process. These persons are essential in erecting the modular home in Michigan.

Subcontractors in Modular Home Construction

Engineers and Architects

The general contractor will need to hire a local engineer or architect to complete the modular home construction process. At times you will be required to hire an environmental engineer to insure your home’s excavation does not interfere with wetlands or neighboring building lots. Contact your local permit office for more information of you requirements for an engineer.


You will need an excavator to dig your modular homes foundation, clear the building site, back fill the foundation and complete both rough and final grading. In addition, your excavator can remove or add soil to your building site as required to build your home.

Foundation Company

Your modular home will require a foundation, either a crawl space or full basement or pilings for your home. The foundation company could install block walls, poured walls, a wooden foundation, precast wall system or insulated concrete forms for your modular homes foundation.


After your modular home is set on the foundation, you will need carpenters to finish out the exterior trim, build porches, decks, garages and other on site construction elements. You will also need a carpenter to complete minor work inside the modular home. This includes positioning stairs, installing doors, adjusting windows and doors and more. Your modular home dealer will help you understand the required carpentry work for your new home.


During the modular home construction process, the sections are delivered with the plumbing stubbed through the first floor of the home. Homes with two stories will need to have plumbing connections completed in access panels in the modular homes ceiling or floors. Plumbers will also install waste lines for sewage and the modular homes water heating system.


General contractors of modular home construction will need electricians after modular homes are set on the foundation because 95% of the electrical work is completed. The last five percent or so of electrical work will include wiring the panel box, connecting the main power source to the panel box and any interconnection between modules.

HVAC Contractor

Most modular homes come standard with electric baseboard heating. Unfortunately, most people doing the modular home construction desire to have forced air heating and cooling systems or hot water radiant heating systems. If you are opting for a forced air system for your modular home, your HVAC contractor will install the heating and cooling system and also any required duct work.

In case you still have questions about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile, you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog.

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General Contractor and Other Persons Involved in the Modular Home Construction

Modular Home ConstructionA general contractor is an individual who engages in the planning, developing and coordinating of activities which coincide with the modular home construction. The general contractor is the individual who oversees the construction and ensures that all necessary measures are taken to result in the completed finished product.

A general contractor will need to other key persons to complete the site work during the modular home construction. He will need to the manufacturer, home builder, and home dealer.

Other Key Players in Modular Home Construction

Modular Home Builder

Modular home builders are not just focused on the standard modular home design. They also channel their skills and knowledge in providing custom- designed homes. These homes get the incorporation of personal preferences of the home buyers. With the assistance of a custom modular home builder, modifications laid out by home buyers are installed in high quality.

Modular Home Dealer

A modular home dealer’s primary job is to design, price, and order a modular home from the manufacturer. The job of turning it into a livable home is that of a general contractor. Most dealers also function as general contractors or work closely with specific general contractors, and this is a good route to follow.


Manufacturers see to it that modules for the prefab home are built in a climate controlled area. The finished sections are transported to the building site and then assembled with giant cranes. This process quite resembles a child building with Lego blocks. It is important to talk to your manufacturer as each manufacturer operates with a different set of guidelines. If you are designing your own home, it is important that you ask very specific questions.

In case you still have questions about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile, you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog.

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Why Experience is Important When Hiring a Modular Home Dealer

Modular Home Dealer

Ranch Modular Home in Michigan

When hiring a modular home dealer, it is advantageous for you to hire someone with experience. One of the reasons experience is important is that when you hire a dealer, you are also harvesting the benefits of subcontractors such as plumbers, electricians, masons, etc. If a modular home dealer is experienced, he will have subcontractors that he knows to be reliable for quality work and timely performance.  The modular home dealer, saving you the headache of an unpredictable project, will have weeded out subcontractors that are unreliable.

Although it is possible to save money by doing it yourself or employing the help of family and friends, it is also easy to get in over your head and actually spend more money, and put undue stress on yourself and your family or friend helpers.  You, as the homeowner, also assume significant risk and responsibility should you decide to do it yourself.  Having an experienced modular home dealer will make the whole process much easier.  He would be your one point of contact, taking responsibility for everyone else involved in the process.  His job is to make sure you get the home you want with as little trouble as possible.

Modular Experience of a Modular Home Dealer

When it comes to the post-set wrap-up on a modular home construction project, a modular home dealer with modular experience can be a real asset to the project.  There are issues with buttoning up modular homes that are very specific to modular construction.  Modular home dealer without modular experience can put himself into trouble during this phase.  He would have to pad their estimates to cover unexpected problems and the learning process for their subcontractors.  A modular home dealer with modular construction experience could keep their budget tighter, knowing what to expect and how to deal with it efficiently.

Additionally, you should make sure that your modular home dealer is licensed and insured.  In most states, only a licensed modular home dealer or contractor can obtain building permits.  As a homeowner, you are allowed (in most states) to get your own building permit.  However, if you do get the building permit, then you assume responsibility for all the work.  You have little, if any, recourse if things go wrong.  Some states will not allow inexperienced homeowners to build modular homes without the supervision of a licensed modular home dealer and contractor.

In case you still have question about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog

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Go for the Top- Notch Modular Home Dealer in Michigan

SelectModular Home Dealer in Michiganing a modular home dealer is a process, but one of the most important steps in modular home construction.  A good modular home dealer can make the project much more pleasant, both during the project and for years to come.

Finding a modular home dealer that you feel you can trust and whose personality is a fit with yours is important to the overall experience.  Having a good experience during the construction process will help you enjoy living in your new home for years to come.  It will also mean that you have a modular home dealer that is more likely to respond to your needs in the future should any problems arise. Some things to consider when choosing a modular home dealer are:

Selection Process

If you don’t have a modular home dealer, or a great recommendation for one, start your search by selecting a handful of modular home dealers with modular experience and making initial contact.  You can contact our modular home dealer. You may want to send an email introducing yourself and giving a brief description of what you are planning to build.  Get as much information about them and their company as you can.

Narrow the search for the Modular Home Dealer

Based your interactions with them, eliminate builders that you feel are just not right for you at all.  Some things to look for in a modular home dealer are: enthusiasm, confidence, communication, and their availability to you. Make phone calls to dealers you are interested in and ask questions. You should also ask for references and actually follow up on those.  Many homebuyers skip this step.  It is important that you check references.  Almost anyone can sound good through email or over the phone.

Compare Prices of Each Modular Home Dealer

Once you have narrowed your search to modular home dealers you feel you could work with, set up a meeting to discuss your project in more detail, and ask for preliminary estimates from two or three of them.  Take your time to compare the prices and what they include, not just the numbers.  If one bid is way below the others, there is usually a reason why.  The cheapest bid does not equal the best bid.  Comparing prices is only part of the picture.  Use this as an opportunity to evaluate how well the contractor has communicated the scope of work to be done.  Between the written proposal, a face-to-face meeting, and references, you should be able to make an informed decision.  Look at the whole picture and decide which modular home dealer is right for you and will make the process of building your new home a good experience.

In case you still have question about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog

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Working with a Modular Home Dealer of Jackson, Michigan

Your modular home dealer will be the point person on your project.  You will be working closely with them on a regular basis, and relying on them to protect your interests.  Although building a modular home is much quicker than constructing a stick built home, it will still take 2-4 months (this will vary depending on the site, complexity of design, and site built add-ons).  In addition to this time, there is also the planning phase before the job starts, and the ongoing relationship should there be any issues to correct or any work you would like to add in the future.  It is important that you have a modular home dealer you enjoy working with.

Communication and Contracts with Modular Home Dealer

Clear communication and the ability to negotiate are important qualities for both you and your modular home dealer to share.  Paperwork is an effective tool to help facilitate this.  Contracts, work schedules, payment schedules, and change order agreements all serve to keep everyone in clear communication and accountable to their agreements.  Though some people prefer to work on a handshake, it is to everyone’s advantage to have things in writing.  That way there will be less misunderstandings and hard feelings.

Personal Investment

It may sound funny to talk about relationships and feelings when talking about modular home dealer and homebuyer, but if you have been in the shoes of either of those people, you understand.  When someone is buying/building his or her first home, there is a lot attached to it.  It is an integral part of a person’s life dreams- career, family, and home ownership.  It is a very personal investment and can become emotional.  Both the modular home dealer and the homebuyer need to be aware of how significant this process can be, and how to maintain open communication and a balanced perspective.

Homebuyer’s Responsibility

It is also important for the homebuyer to remember that this is a two-way street, and they need to hold up their end of the agreement too.  Just as the modular home dealer is expected to deliver work in a timely manner, the homebuyer is expected to deliver payment in a timely manner.

Independent Business People

Modular home dealers are independent business people, and NOT employees or agents of the modular manufacturing company.  When you contract with the builder, you are contracting with the local builder only.    The modular home dealer, in turn, contracts to buy the modules for your home from the modular manufacturing company.  No contractual relationship is created between you and the modular manufacturer.  You can think of the modular home company as a type of “subcontractor” to the modular home dealer.  It is important to understand with whom each party has a contractual agreement, and who is responsible to whom- for what.

In case you still have question about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog

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Legendary Homes Inc. is your Modular Home Dealer in Michigan

Modular Home DealerLegendary Homes Inc. is Michigan’s premiere modular home dealer. For over 20 years we have helped families acquire quality and affordable modular homes in Michigan. It is our commitment as a modular home dealer to put you, the customer first, and to help you find the perfect home for your living needs including capes, ranches and two storey modular home, as well as single wide and sectional modular homes built by several quality manufacturers.

Our Goal as Your Modular Home Dealer

As your modular home dealer our goal is your satisfaction. Our reputation for quality and service after the sale is confirmed by the thousands of customers to whom we have provided housing for over 20 years. We will help you purchase the home of your dreams as well as provide utmost service to you.

Legendary Homes Inc. is offering modular homes, single and double wide homes. We also construct used homes with many available options such as in ranches, two story, single wide and multi- section modular homes. Hundreds of floor plans and options available to meet even the most discreet shopper in our company.

It always has been, and always will, be our mission as the premier modular home dealer to provide caring customer service and quality products as your modular home dealer that are backed up by highly skilled craftsmen who pay attention to every detail.

Known to many as the top modular home dealer, we also offer construction services such as modular additions, garages, and remodeling. If you need a company to assist you in your next upcoming project, why not work with a company that cares about your next project with passion to exceed your requirements.

As with all modular homes, there are many options and floor plans to choose from, but at Legendary Homes we understand the importance of a home accommodating your living needs and have the experience and expertise to custom design a floor plan that will suit you and your families living needs perfectly! We also offer turnkey packages in Jackson, Michigan.

In case you still have question about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog

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Why Select Modular Home Dealer Who Is Also A General Contractor?

Modular Home Dealer and CustomizationThe ideal situation for someone buying a modular home is to work with a modular home dealer who can also function as the general contractor. This post explains how having a modular home dealer as in charge of the whole project offers the following benefits.

Responsibilities of a Modular Home Dealer

A modular home dealer – especially one who has been building modular homes for a few years – has acquired the requisite construction knowledge

A modular home dealer – especially one who has been with the same manufacturer for a few years – knows specifically what the general contractor must do to button-up this manufacturer’s homes.

Since the modular home dealer usually cares more about the quality of a finished home than anyone except the homeowner, a dealer acting as the general contractor is motivated to do a first-rate job on every aspect of the home.

You avoid having to interview people for both jobs, prepare and sign separate contracts, ensure all required tasks are covered in one or the other contracts, and mediate disputes.

A modular home dealer who does the general contractors work is responsible for ensuring that both function’s schedules are coordinated.

Because the dealer is also making profit on the sale of the house, he can usually charge less than an independent contractor for the general contractor work.

You avoid the problem of the modular home dealer and general contractor attempting to avoid responsibility for a warranty issue by pointing the figure at the other party, which is sure to leave you taking the loss.


In case you still have question about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog

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Evaluating the Modular Home Dealer in Allen, Michigan

The selection process for the appropriate modular home dealer is not easy. You just have to choose among the numerous home dealers scattered across America especially in Michigan. These dealers are widely known to have their own and distinct reputation and experience. They also built a solid foundation to be trusted and recommended by most of the customers.

The job of a modular home dealer is to present information about modular homes, give estimates and ask the manufacturer to build the modular homes. He is responsible for connecting the home buyer and the manufacturer to each other. His role in a modular team is not an easy thing to be done. But how can we evaluate a modular home dealer? What are the key factors to consider if he is excellent in prefabricated housing?

Modular Home Dealer

Ranch Modular Home

Experience of Modular Home Dealer

In evaluating whether a modular home dealer is the perfect match for your dream home, you need to examine his experience. This factor is deemed to be the most significant one when choosing for a home dealer. It is an instrument which is needed for assessing the quality of work a home dealer does.

To know the experience of a home dealer, you should look at the number of years he has been in the industry and how he produces quality modular homes. It has been shown that those who have longer years of experience in modular housing build a superior performance modular home. It is also important to note the number of modular homes he and his team have produced in a year. This shows that there are a solid number of clients that seek his help. And lastly, some home dealers construct specific type of modular home so it is recommended to look at this avenue too.

Manufacturer He Deals With

A modular home dealer is often considered to be one of the best if the modular home he provides conform with the standards of the state and local building codes. He has the right knowledge on how to obtain information on the progress of the building process. But above all, see the manufacturer he deals with. He must have the skill configure in work with the manufacturer and home builder to make high quality modules. Often home dealers who work with top manufacturers are considered to be excellent in modular housing.

Customer Support Provided by Modular Home Dealer

It is always great to find a modular home dealer who put his customers first. When evaluating whether the home dealer is the right one, make sure that he is there whenever you needed help for your modular home. It is also imperative to ask questions pertaining to the mode of communication you will have between the home dealer. Is it through mobile phones, emails or personal meetings?

Moreover, a home dealer with an exceptional customer service would give you reviews of his work. He may present you his previous clients, whom you can ask about the works of your chosen home dealer. If this cannot be provided by the home dealer, then you must get another one.

If you find this post helpful for your future home, you can now subscribe to our blog, where information pertaining to everything modular is given to you for free, and you can also get the free modular home price sheets.

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