Jackson Parade of Homes 2019

Redman Homes Ashville Two Story

is the home we are proud to show at this years Jackson Parade of Homes held by the Jackson Home Builders Association.

Visit us at 2850 Reynolds Rd Jackson MI, (Spring Arbor) Just south of M60.

Legendary Homes Parade of Homes - Modular Homes Sales


Impressive Two Story Modular Home offering 4BR/3.5 BA.  This home greets you with a beautiful covered porch, spanning the length of 2nd story, that invites you into the large foyer with a beautiful open staircase to the 2nd floor. The incredible master suite, located on the main floor, is complete with a huge soaking tub, separate shower, and large walk-in wardrobe.

Family and friends can be entertained in the formal living room or relax in the cozy family room with views to the wooded backyard. This Redman Homes Ashville features an open concept kitchen with white cabinets, stainless appliances and large island, open to the formal dining room. Main floor laundry is conveniently located directly off the kitchen. The open staircase leads to the spacious loft and additional bedrooms, two of which have a shared bath and one large bedroom with its own private bathroom and walk-in closet. This sprawling 2840 sq ft home sits on a full insulated precast basement and has an attached 3 car garage.


Legendary Homes offer modular homes built by these great well known high-quality companies:  Redman Homes, All American Homes, Hechaman Homes, and Skyline Homes.


For a list of homes in the show visit HOME BUILDERS ASSOCIATION OF JACKSON

Jackson Parade of Homes 2019


Superior Walls Insulated Precast Foundations

Superior Walls insulated precast foundations is a clean simple approach.  Legendary Homes offer these insulated pre-cast foundations and highly recommend them.  There are many advantages.

Just like modular homes, they are built in a factory, cast in a horizontal position using high strength concrete.  Much stronger than a traditional foundation. It’s more dimensionally stable.    The shell themselves are a couple inches thick but the walls, the structural members are 10 1/4″ thick and incorporates reinforcing steel rebar in the studs.

Energy Efficient Insulated Precast Basement

The Dow Styrofoam is built right into the walls.  Legendary Homes uses XI walls which have an R-12.5, so it exceeds Michigan energy code of R-10 insulation.  They are very energy efficient.

Each foundation is pre-engineered individually for each home and designed for each particular house.

Joints are sealed with a polyurethane sealant, specially formulated for application for this type of concrete and they use a bead on the exterior and a bead on the interior of the panel at the seems.

Superior Walls uses a 5,000 psi concrete mix, which has a water concrete ratio of .4 to provide a high strength mix.   A poured wall foundation typically would use 2,500 to 3,000 psi.

When the panel is cast at the factory there is an embedded saddle bolt assembly that’s embedded into the lower and upper bond beam.  A 1/2 diameter bolt is used to hold the panels together.

The shell is 1 3/4″ but the overall structure is 10 1/4″  The walls have a concrete stud and use a steel plate (in the Xi walls) for securing drywall when finishing the basement.

The following video shows Bob Villa talking to Jim Costello from Superior Walls on a job site of a new construction home.

So, if this were your video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/bC0syKkXY-M


Bob Vila asked about if there were any concerns to worry about with settlement.  Settlement is no more of a concern with this system than it is with any other type of foundation such as a poured wall foundation.  You do need to be concerned with what your soils are but it’s not any different than any other concrete wall.

Superior Walls set on a crushed stone footing of around 6 inches for a firm base.

Soil pressure on the outside is something to be aware of.  The walls are very rigid so there are very specific directions for the connection of the floor system to the top of the wall.  The walls are fully engineered to withstand the backfill pressure, but it’s important to pour the floor and properly fasten the floor system of the house before backfilling in order to make a rigid box.

The walls are squared at the time of completing the last panel.

Insulated Precast Concrete Basement

The prefabricated foundation is built in a factory just as a modular home so weather is not an issue.  They are poured in a plant in a controlled atmosphere where they pour the concrete.

The concrete studs have holes for wiring and secondary plumbing making it easier to run electrical and plumbing in the basement.  The walls are ready for drywall, which is a big advantage.

Costs have been running about the same as a poured wall basement which makes it the way to go.
Legendary Homes has been using Superior Walls for many years and they are differently a “Superior foundation”. In Michigan, basements need to be at least R-10 to meet energy codes and the Xi walls more than exceeds the energy code. Highly recommended!

Redman Myrtle Model Home|Model Home|Model Homes to View|Model Homes With Prices

Myrtle Model Home Built by Redman Homes

Shown by Legendary Homes located south of Jackson Michigan on US127 just south of Jefferson Rd. This model home has many nice features.

The standard size of the Myrtle is 26’8″ x 60′ but this model home has been stretched to make it 30 foot wide which give it a more spacious feel. This 3 bedrooms 2 bath is a comfortable size of 1,800 sq ft. It has split bedrooms with the master bedroom on the opposite side of the other two bedrooms.

Legendary Homes is proud to present this 3D tour of our model home.   Experience fully immersive virtual Spaces that feel so real, it’s like being there.  Enjoy a tour of our model home as you sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home. Without taking a step out your front door you can investigate the feel and look of our wonderful model home.

Be sure to use your mouse to move around and view the 3D video below!

Click here for a full-screen view


Direct link to the video is at Model Home on Youtube


Our Model home features an extravagant master bathroom with the serenity ceramic shower option. It has double sinks and a large counter top space with base cabinets. There’s a Huge master bedroom closet that connects directly to the bathroom and also has a door going into the master bedroom.

Redman Homes Myrtle Model Home

Redman Model Home Has Many Features

The Myrtle kitchen has a large spacious kitchen with plenty of cabinet space. It features the Urban putty hardwood maple cabinets which are also in the bathrooms. The large kitchen also has a big island with base cabinets for extra storage space for storing your pots and pans. It also includes electrical outlets for preparing items in crock pots and those sort of things. There’s also an extra roll of cabinets and counter top space with overhead cabinets giving plenty of room for storage. The Myrtle kitchen also comes with a big walk-in pantry.

Another nice feature is the formal foyer separating the front door area from the living room and a decent size coat closet. There’s a neat shelving at the edge of the hall to set some of your special nick-nacks on.

The 2nd bath or hall bath is also very big and includes a large linen closet. It has a 60″ tub/shower and we added a can light above it that is an available option.

Redman Homes Myrtle Model Home in New Moon Series

The utility room is nicely located on the front corner of this modular home to accommodate being able to have a garage on the front or on the end the house. The optional utility sink and overhead cabinets were also added to this model home.

This ranch home is the perfect size for most growing families. Building this home on a full basement basically, doubles the space and makes it great for having some extra storage area and maybe add some more bedrooms if needed.

We offer price sheets that show the complete construction package of a new home. We offer full service general contracting and have been using an insulated pre-cast foundation that has an insulation value of R12.5 more than exceeding Michigan energy code. We have great dependable and reliable subcontractors that stand behind their work. Many of whom we have used for over 20 years.

Our price sheets include the costs for a full 9-foot basement with an egress window and an escape well along with a standard size basement window. Plumbing and electrical hook-ups and permit fees are also shown on the costs. The price sheets show the cost of a well and a standard septic system.

Everything is itemized out so you can see exactly what’s included in the costs to build a new home. We show prices for a few different floor plans so that you can get a good “ballpark” idea of the costs to build a new house. Something to keep in mind when looking over the prices is if you want something bigger then just know that you will need to figure a little more then the costs for the size of the price sheet you are looking at. If you plan on building smaller then it will be less costly. If you add more options/upgrades it will cost more if you take some off then it will cost less.

Once you have a floor plan picked out and know where you are going to build, please let Todd know and he can get prices figured up for your particular situation with the features you want.

If you would like a copy of the options forms just let us know and we can email that to you so you can get started with deciding what upgrades you will want, to make it easier in determining the total costs.

We are located on US127 south of Jackson MI

If you have not yet signed up for our price sheets and floor plans in pdf form then be sure to sign up at http://legendaryhomesinc.com

Our address is
Legendary Homes
10197 S Meridian Rd (US 127)
Clarklake MI 49234

Call to look at our Redman Homes Myrtle model home today!

Trends in Modular Home Construction in Michigan

Modular Home Customization with Legendary Homes Inc.The construction of a modular home has been making waves for several years. Many companies have clamored to keep up with the demands of high quality construction results.

Today, there are trends that make modular home dealers in Michigan busy.

Requirement for Turn-key Solutions

When the modules are prefabricated they are transported to site ready to ‘plug and play’ into the main modular home in Michigan. This leaves only localized finishes and vertical and horizontal service reticulation through the communal areas to complete, simplifying the need for on-site trades and significantly shortening construction time.

The trend of turn-key solutions is increasing in the residential where a high repetition of rooms and layouts is prevalent.

Tight Modular Home Construction Schedule

Projects on confined sites with restricted access are increasingly turning to modular home solutions to ease site construction constraints and tight time frames. Time dedicated to ‘wet’ trades including cement and plaster can be reduced, as well as decreased requirements for other in-situ trades such as form and reinforcement workers.

Reduced Construction and Labor Costs

Constructing a development in a regional or remote location often means increased labor charges, material supply elongation and sometimes quality issues. However prefabrication of modular home‘s modules, significantly reduces this cost and risk as modular solutions are transported directly to site and are complete.

Construction Quality Control

Offshore factory prefabrication is extremely cost effective due to lower labor and material costs and is becoming increasingly prevalent. Prefabrication of modular home in a controlled factory environment exercises a great degree of control over construction quality compared to on-site workmanship, thereby reducing risk.

In case you still have questions about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile, you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog.

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Seven Subcontractors You Didn’t Know Are Involved in Modular Home Construction

Subcontractors for Modular Home with Insulated FoundationAside from the manufacturer, general contractor, and modular home dealer, there are subcontractors involved in the construction process. These persons are essential in erecting the modular home in Michigan.

Subcontractors in Modular Home Construction

Engineers and Architects

The general contractor will need to hire a local engineer or architect to complete the modular home construction process. At times you will be required to hire an environmental engineer to insure your home’s excavation does not interfere with wetlands or neighboring building lots. Contact your local permit office for more information of you requirements for an engineer.


You will need an excavator to dig your modular homes foundation, clear the building site, back fill the foundation and complete both rough and final grading. In addition, your excavator can remove or add soil to your building site as required to build your home.

Foundation Company

Your modular home will require a foundation, either a crawl space or full basement or pilings for your home. The foundation company could install block walls, poured walls, a wooden foundation, precast wall system or insulated concrete forms for your modular homes foundation.


After your modular home is set on the foundation, you will need carpenters to finish out the exterior trim, build porches, decks, garages and other on site construction elements. You will also need a carpenter to complete minor work inside the modular home. This includes positioning stairs, installing doors, adjusting windows and doors and more. Your modular home dealer will help you understand the required carpentry work for your new home.


During the modular home construction process, the sections are delivered with the plumbing stubbed through the first floor of the home. Homes with two stories will need to have plumbing connections completed in access panels in the modular homes ceiling or floors. Plumbers will also install waste lines for sewage and the modular homes water heating system.


General contractors of modular home construction will need electricians after modular homes are set on the foundation because 95% of the electrical work is completed. The last five percent or so of electrical work will include wiring the panel box, connecting the main power source to the panel box and any interconnection between modules.

HVAC Contractor

Most modular homes come standard with electric baseboard heating. Unfortunately, most people doing the modular home construction desire to have forced air heating and cooling systems or hot water radiant heating systems. If you are opting for a forced air system for your modular home, your HVAC contractor will install the heating and cooling system and also any required duct work.

In case you still have questions about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile, you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog.

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Mistakes in Modular Home Construction and Easy Ways to Avoid Them

In a modular home Modular Home Construction Jackson MIconstruction process, you cannot help but make mistakes. These pitfalls are usually minor ones and can be avoided by applying certain techniques.

Hiring a Wrong Modular Home Company

It is inevitable that you will work with the incorrect modular home company. Often this mistake is initiated by the immediate need of a home. You should not hire the first modular company you saw because you are ‘encouraged’ by their work and price. Be a wise home buyer. Search for three to five companies and compare their offers on modular home construction. The company with excellent credentials and bids diligently must be your choice.

Choosing a Contractor Based on Low Price Deal

Modular homes are not always constructed on lesser cost. Do not be afraid to ask what is included in the price. If the presented cost only includes the modular home, then you must price out the home preparation work. The entire modular home construction cost should also include the excavation, septic system, foundation, electrical, mechanical, permits, well, and other necessary prerequisites before you take delivery of your home. Review everything on the list so that your home will be built to the quality level you expect and includes all the necessary items to complete your project.

You Do Not Forsee the Landscaping Fees

Modular homes need to be installed on cleared lots. This requires homeowners to remove any grass, debris and trees before a module can be brought in. Not doing this beforehand can delay installation or cause construction crews to work overtime due to obstacles. Be smart and make informed decisions concerning the cost of landscaping vs. the extra cost of setting the home if you have not properly cleared the building lot. It will often be cheaper and more attractive to clear the land and then paying a landscaper to replace any lost grass and shrubbery.

In case you still have questions about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile, you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog.

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The Bright Side of Energy Efficient Modular Home Construction in Jackson, Michigan

We alwaModular Home Construction Jackson MIys look forward to the bright side of everything, and modular home construction is included.

Modular construction is realized to give energy efficient homes to the people of Jackson, MI. It is a process by which many have invested. The building process of a modular home is controlled to meet efficiency standards and bring positive outlook to the modular market.

Legendary Homes Inc. of southern Michigan has become a premier home builder who continuously promotes and constructs energy efficient modular homes. The following benefits are offered by our efficient homes;

Energy Efficient Modular Home Design Conserves Energy

Each energy efficient modular homes offer a variety of beneficial features, and the first advantage to having one is enjoying the modular home design. Legendary Homes Inc. designs and builds high quality homes that reduce energy consumption. Solar panels and other heating and cooling techniques or advancements are installed with modular homes to meet the energy efficiency standards.

Efficient Modular Homes Reduce Utility Cost

Because of the controlled process and installed insulation, owners of modular homes in Jackson, MI enjoys with the lower monthly costs. The energy consumption each month is lower since heating and cooling techniques are placed with modular home construction.

Energy Efficient Modular Home Construction is Environment- Friendly

Environmentally minded individuals will be pleased to know that the method in which we build our homes minimizes building waste and utilizes sustainable construction materials. Pre-built components including trusses and pre-hung doors, allow a more efficient use of raw materials while oriented strand board used to sheathe roofs and walls, is an engineered wood product that comes from fast growth forests.

In case you still have questions about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile, you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog.

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Modular Home Construction in Michigan Provide Big Cost Savings

The momeModular Home Construction Jackson MInt you hear modular home construction, you should think of cost savings. Michigan’s trusted home dealer offers a building process that does not only produce quality modular homes. The modular construction process also gives cost savings to its owners.

A modular home construction present huge cost savings through the following techniques;

Quality Control Throughout the Construction Process

Legendary Homes Inc. in Michigan makes sure that from the beginning of the construction process, a quality and controlled environment is practiced. Each step of the modular building process is meticulously done and inspected following the standards of HUD Code. With the controlled and quality practices executed in the construction process of a modular home, cost savings is attain by the owner.

Bulk Material Purchases

Modular home manufacturers are savvy individuals. They do not buy their materials in retail stores, instead they purchase in bulk. Materials bought in huge masses give more savings not only for the home owner but also for the manufacturers and contractors.

Use of Modern Technology

Because of the contemporary world, lesser force is needed in modular home construction. General contractors no longer hire interior designers or architects to devise the insides of the modular homes. This modern technology lowers the labor costs and thereby giving the home owner comfort from paying the labor fees.

Available Modular Home Floor Plan

With modular home construction, general contractors or home dealers have a ready- made floor plans to present. The available modular home floor plan for Michigan is set to answer the needs of people. It is preset to the standard layout wished by most in Jackson, Michigan. The floor plans create an easy avenue for general contractors and home owners as an architect is no longer needed in designing the floor plan, leaving no labor costs to be paid.

In case you still have questions about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile, you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog.

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Modular Home Construction: The Green Building Method

Keeping the modular home construction process comply with the green building standard is quite tedious but beneficial for both the manufacturer and home buyer. It can require a number of thing from the manufacturers. It can also drive the home buyer to ensure that his modular home is built with high energy efficiency. The process by which modular home manufacturers incorporate the green building system has emerged to be of great advantage. Manufacturers are able to get more savings while lowering the amount of construction wastes. Home buyers have proven that the greend building method have leverage the energy efficiency of their homes. And lastly, the society have enjoyed the benefits of having an low environmental impact of green modular homes.

Modular Home Construction in Michigan

Modular Home in Jackson, Michigan

The reasons why these advantages flourished during the modular home construction process can be attributed to the fiesty compliance to the rules of the building codes and the National Green Building Standard.

Reduced Waste and Site Work during Modular Home Construction Process

In green modular construction, manufacturers and his team utilizes the solutions that produces less waste but more productivity.  Each employee or worker are equipped with skills and knowledge that allows them to complete their daily task without having large quantities of construction waste. Manufacturers are also working with general contractors and together they control and monitor the progress of each phase in the building process, leading to lower waste inside the factory. Because of the strict compliance to the construction schedule, most manufacturers are able to deliver the modules on time. This gives way to one of the benefit of green building method. The faster the construction process, the smaller the amount of waste in the factory and on- site.

Increased Energy Efficiency of Modular Homes

Having a great energy efficiency is one of the benefits of green building solutions to modular construction. The utilization of high insulation in the walls and foundations of a modular home helps in achieving the energy efficiency set in the standards of modular housing. The attention to fine details of every task also ensures that the efficiency of a home is reached at the end and after the construction process.

Green Building Lowers Modular Construction Wastes

Modular homes are built not to cost further harm to the environment. In fact the reason why manufacturers have brought and increased the application of the green building solution is to prevent major harm to the environment. The use of natural construction materials is one of the advocacy of the National Green Building Standard that most of the manufacturers and home builders are promoting and implementing today.

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The Leading Modular Home Manufacturer in Michigan

Who is the leading modular home manufacturer in Michigan? What are the factors that a home buyer should look into when choosing a manufacturer?

Home buyers are doing their best to find the best modular home manufacturer that can erect high quality modular home. Manufacturers are the ones who works with producing the modules in a controlled factory. They responsible for implementing every tasks to complete the building process. Many modular home manufacturers are voices of affordable modular housing also. The successful combination of both modern and traditional solutions that are incorporated by manufacturers to build a modular home makes them the trusted person in modular housing industry.

Modular Home Manufacturer

Modular Home built in Michigan

The search for the leading modular home manufacturer starts with a stringent research. Factors and considerations concerning the selection of a manufacturer are given high priority. And among these factors are the qualities of an effective manufacturer.

Qualities of the Best Modular Home Manufacturer

A Manufacturer Has Effective Skill Set

Many modular home manufacturers have strengths to build high performance projects. They have the knowledge of what they are doing and how they are utilizing different methods  of construction. They also take advantage of the system their using to ensure that stronger and durable modular homes are produced. Interestingly, there are manufacturers of modular housing who are less receptive to modern designs. That is why it is suggested to look for the manufacturer who specifically work what his customer wants.

Has Good Work Ethics

Modular home manufacturers who are trustworthy have good work ethics. One can see it through the work he has done. The professionalism on how he plans, organizes and implements the tasks are shown on the product he and his team have produced. A home buyer can also observe a manufacturer’s work ethics in how committed is he to complete the project.

Effective Planner

Most of the leading modular home manufacturers in Michigan have solid plans about a customer’s home. How a manufacturer executes the planning of a modular home is an efficient way to gauge that he is trustworthy. His plan is detailed and foresees even the minute consequences of a construction  process. The effectiveness of a manufacturer’s product is rooted from how he and his team planned the project’s outcome.

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Photo Gallery Slideshow

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