Types of Modular Home Foundation Available in Allen, Michigan

Modular Home FoundationNowadays, there are many modular home foundation options to choose from. These types of modular home foundations turn your homes into a durable and sturdy abode.

There are three types of foundations commonly used for modular home construction;

Crawl Space Modular Home Foundation

A crawl space is a high above the ground foundation that provide space for inspection of termites and other house parasites. It is an important part of the house that is located in a damp area because it elevates the home higher from the soil. Crawl spaces are also giving better ventilation to the modular home. It has screened ventilation openings that allows heat and air to pass and through.

Slab Foundation for your Modular Home

Similar to the crawl space, slab foundation provides structural support for the modular home. The only difference to both is that the slab foundation has a solid chunk of concrete underneath, which give a difficult access for the plumbing and other utilities. It also debunked the space for storage.

Slab foundation is inexpensive. There will be minimum digging necessary and lesser brick or cement is used for its construction. Moreover, slabs may not be available in some states because it can thwart during colder seasons.

Modular Home Basement

Among the three options for modular home foundations, the basement is the most expensive because they must be stronger and durable.  Basement modular home foundation is typically not used or recommended in flooded area or places where water is set to leak. That is why home buyers must design the basement in reference to the soil condition, climate of the area, and building codes set by the local housing department.

In case you still have questions about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile, you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog.

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Financing the Construction of a Two- Story Modular Home in Allen, Michigan

Two Story Modular Home AdditionBuilding a two- story modular home may seem difficult, especially when talking about home financing. It would require lots from the home buyer. And to assist with the dilemma, Legendary Homes Inc., Allen, MI is here to help.

Discussed below are the tips on how to finance a two- story modular home in Allen;

Determine Budget and Mode of Payment

The initial step in modular home financing is to verify how much money you have and how you will pay the construction. If you wish to have a construction loan from lenders, you may do so. When applying for a loan, remember that some categories or types may require downpayment. Some lenders may hire an appraiser and may suggest home additions.

It is advisable to speak with a couple of lenders in Michigan for clarification and further explanation about two- story modular home financing.

Look for Trusted Mortgage Company

If possible, you should first approach a mortgage company that has experience with modular homes. Otherwise, you may encounter some headaches as the inexperienced mortgage company tries to catch up with and learn about modular homes.

They may try to fit your two- story modular home project into one of their loan packages instead of having a proper matching loan package to start with.  As with buying traditional stick-built buildings, modular homes can have a fixed interest rate or an adjustable interest rate for the life of the loan.

Once you are approved for a loan, you can have a time frame of up to one year for construction to be completed. This is plenty of time since most two- story modular home construction only requires one to three months. Make sure you find an expert to help you with this process.

Search for Modular Home Companies Offering Financing Options

Many modular home companies also provide in-house financing options. Find the best one to suit your personal needs and finances. Legendary Homes Inc. is one of the trusted companies in Allen, Michigan in terms of modular home financing.

In case you still have question about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog.

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A Two-Story Modular Home in Allen, Michigan Needs To Be Insulated

Modular Home Electrical PermitHow can you protect your two- story modular home in Michigan against hurricanes, winter storms and other natural disasters? Questions like this may be difficult to answer as many homeowners are eager for ways to protect their houses. Luckily, modular home construction and insulation are realized.

Home builders in Michigan came up with an efficient innovation on how to protect your two- story houses and other types of modular homes through the insulation process. Many recommend insulation because it is not only beneficial during cold months, but all throughout the year.

The following are the reasons why your two- story modular home requires insulation;

Insulated Two- Story Modular Home is Cost Effective

Upon researching prefab home building specifications, we discovered many manufacturers use less yet high quality and efficient materials. The materials for modular construction and insulation may be pricey at one point, but it pays off after several years.

Insulating your two- story modular home places your budget and savings on the right track. Your monthly electric bill is not as high as those with traditional homes. This is because of the energy saved by insulated walls of your home. Insulated walls help regulate temperature inside your house, thereby leaving your heaters at bay.

Two Story Modular Home is Energy Efficient

There are some modular home manufacturers that build great green homes that are LEED certified. But many manufacturers do not produce modular homes at that high level. Unless you specifically upgrade your insulation,  it is possible that your modular home will be less energy efficient than homes built by experienced builders.

If you want a green home to save money on energy costs and help the planet, you need to make sure you get whoever builds your house to state in writing the specifications of your home.

In case you still have questions about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile, you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog.

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Precast Concrete and Its Benefits and Disadvantages to Modular Homes in Allen, Michigan

Designing the Insulated Precast Foundation for Modular Homes, Precast ConcreteEvery modular home construction material & system has its own characteristics like the precast concrete. It can lead to a greater or less extend influence the layout, span length, construction depth, stability system, etc. This is also the case for precast concrete, not only in comparison to steel, wood, and masonry structures, but also with respect to cast in-situ concrete. Theoretically, all joints between the precast concrete units could be made in such a way that the completed precast structure has the same monolithic concept as in-situ one.

However, this is a wrong approach. It is very labor intensive and costly. If the full advantages of precast concrete are to be realized, the structure should be conceived according to its specific design philosophy like long spans, appropriate stability concept, simple details, etc. Modular home designers should from the very outset of the project consider the possibilities, restrictions & advantages of precast concrete, its detailing, manufacturer, transport, erection and serviceability stages before completing a design in precast concrete.

Benefits of Precast Concrete

Precast concrete enables faster programmed times. It is not affected by weather or labor shortages. It also improves buildability as early enclosure of dry envelope enables follow-on trades to start sooner. Most modular home builders and contractors know that precast concrete produces a high standard of workmanship in factory conditions – reduces potential for accidents, addresses on-site skill shortage. Above all, precast concrete system has a high quality finish that can be left exposed where concrete’s thermal properties can be exploited in low-energy buildings.

Moreover, architectural precast concrete provides architects with an exciting medium when designing facades for a wide range of buildings, from healthcare facilities to shopping malls, commercial office buildings to sports stadiums.

Disadvantages of Precast Concrete to Modular Construction

Precast concrete system building is less flexible in its design concept than purpose-mode structures. There are home owners who do not prefer precast concrete as most modular home design they wish to incorporate cannot be fulfilled. Precast concrete alters the original concept as it needs overall modification.

Another con to using the precast concrete is its structural connection between the precast concrete units. It can present both design & contractual problems

In case you still have question about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog

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Setting Up the Multi- Family Modular Home in Allen, Michigan

Multi- Family Modular HomesHere are the basic steps involved in the multi- family modular home construction process;

Choose the Floor Plan and Customize it

The first thing to do when you are building a modular multi-family home is to choose a floor plan.  There are options for you to consider in making your design choices.  You can choose from a selection of stock floor plans on this site.

You can also have an existing plan modified to meet your needs.  If you already have plans, you can have your plans modified to be modular friendly.  There is also the option to go with a completely custom design.

Look for a Modular Home Builder or General Contractor

A modular home builder or general contractor will be very helpful for your project. General contractor is usually an engineer who will design and stamp on-site structural work such as foundations and any major site built add ons. There will also be a modular home contractor that design and draw building plans for the modules.  You will need to pay a fee at the beginning of the multi- family modular home construction process.

Getting the Building Permit

Most of the building permitting process for a modular home is the same as it is for a stick built one.  The biggest difference is that you will be given a set of stamped plans from the manufacturer or from your manufacturer through your multi- family modular home builder.  These stamped plans include all the specifications for the modules, and will include all information about the modules relevant to the states building code. You submit these stamped plans to the building department with your other permit application paperwork.

Order Modules for the Multi- Family Modular Home

Your multi- family modular home builder will present you with a contract and detailed information about what he will be doing and how much it will all cost.  Carefully review the contract, the final plans, and all of the specifications of the multi- family modular home.  Make sure you have a clear understanding of everything that is included and what is not included.  If everything is in order, you will need to sign the contract and pay a deposit to the builder.  Once you have signed the contract and paid the deposit, the builder will place your order.

Site Work

Once you have everything in place, you can schedule the site work.  The site work can get started while your modules are being constructed.  This is one of the biggest advantages to modular home construction.  When stick building, you have to wait until the land is cleared and graded and the foundation completed before you can start to construct the building.  With multi- family modular home construction you can do parallel construction; they can be done at the same time, saving you weeks or months on the length of the project.

This is when the modular units are delivered to the site, set on the foundation by cranes, and tied together.  A specialized crew, known as a set crew, who is certified by the manufacturer, should do the set up.  You may be required to have a piece of heavy equipment on site to assist in positioning the modular units to be lifted by the crane.

Finishing  the Multi- Family Modular Home

Once the modules have been set, tied together, and connected to the foundation, your multi- family modular home builder or subcontractors will do the wrap-up and any additional finish work needed.  The wrap-up includes patching the interior where the sections have been joined, and filling-in exterior siding.  The post- construction work may also include porches, decks, garages, chimneys, and any other finish work left for your builder.  The HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc., will need to be connected.  When all of these are completed, you will need to get all of your final inspections and a certificate of occupancy.  Then all that’s left to do is cleaning up and landscaping.

In case you still have question about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog

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Features You Can Add to Your Modular Home in Allen, Michigan

Modular Home and It's Features

Modular Home built in Michigan

As you set out to build a modular home, you generally begin with a choice of house plans and features, and then make a selection of finishes and materials, such as cabinetry, flooring, and fixtures. You may adapt aspects of the plan but the overall building process is streamlined, to save time and money.

If you desire some modular home customization you can opt to have those done on-site by modular home contractor or builder, rather than completed at the factory, for an additional cost. The features you add to make your modular home more attractive are not limited to the following;

Upgraded Kitchen of a Modular Home

One of the common features often checked or planned by modular home buyers is the kitchen. Home buyers often prefer a kitchen with a view, whether that means a window above the sink or a layout that opens into another room.

Legendary Homes Inc. is giving the privilege to create a high quality, energy efficient and attractive kitchen. Modular home owners can customize the kitchen walls and cabinetry according to their preferred style, and color. Moreover, high-quality kitchens add value to the modular home.

HVAC and Utilities for a Modular Home

A well-constructed modular home will be much less expensive to heat and cool than a site-built home because the precision with which the home is assembled ensures that homes are much less drafty. The unintentional flip side of this is that if you don’t have proper ventilation, your home will start to smell musty. You should have a vent installed in every room of the house, especially in bathrooms where condensation can build up and cause water damage. You should have your heating and cooling done by zones and put on an automatic timer. There’s no need to be heating bedrooms during the day if no one uses them until night time.


Always make sure that there are more than enough electrical outlets placed in convenient locations throughout your home. They’re inexpensive to install, and no one has ever complained about having too many. If you’re planning on installing a home theater system, a security system, or any other custom electrical system, you should let your general contractor and manufacturer know so that they can figure out how much additional wiring will be needed.

Adding a Beautiful Porch

The porch across the front of the house wraps around to the side for increased outdoor living space.Custom touches can – and should – extend outside. Features such as shutters, eave brackets, transoms, a wraparound porch, and a pergola all help establish the style of this home.

In case you still have question about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog

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Cost of Building a Modular Home for Senior Citizens in Allen, Michigan

A modular home is a financially sound, durable, quality-crafted home that could be exactly what you are looking for in your active retirement lifestyle.  Solid construction materials and techniques are used in the construction of modular homes for senior citizens in Allen, Michigan. There are many options and floor plans available to meet their individual style and retirement lifestyle needs including plenty of storage space, contemporary kitchens, cathedral ceilings and customized bathrooms.

Modular Home SubcontractorThe cost of building a modular home for senior citizens is lower than the stick built homes. There are just some additions in the cost but is still affordable for the senior citizens. To clarify this matter, the following are the important factors that may influence the cost of a modular home.

Typical Cost of a Modular Home

It’s estimated that modular construction costs 5-25 percent less than traditional homes built on-site, although some companies claim savings of up to 50 percent. Prices start around $50,000-$60,000 for an 800-900-square-foot home (1 or 2 bedrooms, 1 bath) but can go as high as $500,000-$1 million for large, customized, high-quality homes. And that’s without the land, foundation or other site work.

A rough estimate for a 1,600-square-foot home ($89,000 base price) with modular garage ($20,000) plus permits, utility connections, site prep, foundation, engineering and survey work is $167,500 total cost.

An upscale 3,200-square-foot modular home delivered in eight pieces in Maryland had a base price of$300,000 but the extras, including a basement, septic fields, porches, a driveway, permits and other charges, bumped the total to about $560,000.

Additional Cost in Building a Modular Home

Landscaping services fuels additional cost for your budget. It can influence the overall price of building a modular home for senior citizens by ten percent.  Cost for customization of the modular home for senior citizens must also be included in your budget.

What is Included in the Cost of a Modular Home

No matter where the factory is located, modular homes are designed and built to meet state and local building codes at the home construction site. Modular sections are generally quite sturdy, because they’re built to travel to the home site, and are usually fairly air-tight and energy efficient.

One advantage of modular home construction is that the process is much faster than with more conventional onsite home-building methods. Building the modules in the factory can take two weeks to three months; assembling them on the foundation can take several hours or several days. However, inspections and on-site work can add another 30-90 days to the construction process.

In case you still have question about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog

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Getting A Plumbing Permit for a Modular Home in Allen, Michigan

­A plumbing permit is required for modular homes that are being constructed or those that need to be restored. It is an important permit that needs to be done prior to the installation of the plumbing system.

Plumbing Permit for Modular Homes

Plumbing Permit

A licensed plumber is the primary person who should accomplished the plumbing permit for a modular home. But if the homeowner wishes to do the leg work on his own, he can apply for the permit. The same rules and regulations are followed by both the licensed plumber and the homeowner during the plumbing permit application.

In Allen, Michigan the Bureau of Commercial Services – Builders Unit have released the requirements to successfully have a plumbing permit for the modular home.

Requirements for a Plumbing Permit

A licensed plumber should submit the layout of the modular home plumbing system. This plan include the fixtures, floor and special drains, and water connected appliances. Some states requires the plumber to state the size and number of the pipes to be used during the installation. Others will also check whether the pipes are made from plastic or not. Installing of domestic water treatment and filtering equipment does not require a permit but it is check during the inspection  of the plumbing system. If the inspector find any discrepancies, he will alert the installer to put the necessary corrections.

Another requirement in getting a plumbing permit in Allen, Michigan is the needed fees. For a new modular home, the application fee for the plumbing permit costs $75. Other fees which concern the materials and accessories needed for the plumbing system ranges from $5 to $20.

In case you still have question about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog.

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Evaluating the Modular Home Dealer in Allen, Michigan

The selection process for the appropriate modular home dealer is not easy. You just have to choose among the numerous home dealers scattered across America especially in Michigan. These dealers are widely known to have their own and distinct reputation and experience. They also built a solid foundation to be trusted and recommended by most of the customers.

The job of a modular home dealer is to present information about modular homes, give estimates and ask the manufacturer to build the modular homes. He is responsible for connecting the home buyer and the manufacturer to each other. His role in a modular team is not an easy thing to be done. But how can we evaluate a modular home dealer? What are the key factors to consider if he is excellent in prefabricated housing?

Modular Home Dealer

Ranch Modular Home

Experience of Modular Home Dealer

In evaluating whether a modular home dealer is the perfect match for your dream home, you need to examine his experience. This factor is deemed to be the most significant one when choosing for a home dealer. It is an instrument which is needed for assessing the quality of work a home dealer does.

To know the experience of a home dealer, you should look at the number of years he has been in the industry and how he produces quality modular homes. It has been shown that those who have longer years of experience in modular housing build a superior performance modular home. It is also important to note the number of modular homes he and his team have produced in a year. This shows that there are a solid number of clients that seek his help. And lastly, some home dealers construct specific type of modular home so it is recommended to look at this avenue too.

Manufacturer He Deals With

A modular home dealer is often considered to be one of the best if the modular home he provides conform with the standards of the state and local building codes. He has the right knowledge on how to obtain information on the progress of the building process. But above all, see the manufacturer he deals with. He must have the skill configure in work with the manufacturer and home builder to make high quality modules. Often home dealers who work with top manufacturers are considered to be excellent in modular housing.

Customer Support Provided by Modular Home Dealer

It is always great to find a modular home dealer who put his customers first. When evaluating whether the home dealer is the right one, make sure that he is there whenever you needed help for your modular home. It is also imperative to ask questions pertaining to the mode of communication you will have between the home dealer. Is it through mobile phones, emails or personal meetings?

Moreover, a home dealer with an exceptional customer service would give you reviews of his work. He may present you his previous clients, whom you can ask about the works of your chosen home dealer. If this cannot be provided by the home dealer, then you must get another one.

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Ways to Finance the Construction of a Modular Home Addition in Allen, Michigan

There are many alternatives for financing your home, including a growing number of lending institutions that are providing conventional and government-insured financing plans for prospective owners. The most common method of financing a manufactured home is through a retail installment contract, available through your retailer. Some lending institutions that offer conventional, long-term real estate mortgages may require the homes to be placed on approved foundations.

Apply for a Modular Home Construction Loan

Apply for the FHA Loan

Construction loans are also issued by HUD-approved lenders and insured by the FHA, or Federal Housing Administration. FHA grants the Title I Home Improvement Loan to someone who meet the requirements. As noted by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, a Title I loan can be used for home improvements, repairs and property alterations.

Use your Personal Fund

In case you still have question about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog

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