Getting A Plumbing Permit for a Modular Home in Allen, Michigan

­A plumbing permit is required for modular homes that are being constructed or those that need to be restored. It is an important permit that needs to be done prior to the installation of the plumbing system.

Plumbing Permit for Modular Homes

Plumbing Permit

A licensed plumber is the primary person who should accomplished the plumbing permit for a modular home. But if the homeowner wishes to do the leg work on his own, he can apply for the permit. The same rules and regulations are followed by both the licensed plumber and the homeowner during the plumbing permit application.

In Allen, Michigan the Bureau of Commercial Services – Builders Unit have released the requirements to successfully have a plumbing permit for the modular home.

Requirements for a Plumbing Permit

A licensed plumber should submit the layout of the modular home plumbing system. This plan include the fixtures, floor and special drains, and water connected appliances. Some states requires the plumber to state the size and number of the pipes to be used during the installation. Others will also check whether the pipes are made from plastic or not. Installing of domestic water treatment and filtering equipment does not require a permit but it is check during the inspection  of the plumbing system. If the inspector find any discrepancies, he will alert the installer to put the necessary corrections.

Another requirement in getting a plumbing permit in Allen, Michigan is the needed fees. For a new modular home, the application fee for the plumbing permit costs $75. Other fees which concern the materials and accessories needed for the plumbing system ranges from $5 to $20.

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