Making Your Own Modular Home Design

How to make a modular home design online? What are the steps to draw the modular design using the virtual design tool?

The account to create your own modular home design makes your building experience even more personal. It gives you the confidence that your dream home will be realized as what you have expected. It is also a means to show to the home builder what you want for a modular home and how you want it to be build. Designing a modular home is in the home buyer’s hands, thereof.

There are manufacturers and home builders who provide online design tool kit to home buyers. This tool kit allows them to create a picture of their home prior to making an appointment to any home dealer. It then provides convenience to the home buyer. So to start making your own modular home design, here are the simple steps.

Modular Home Design

The Dakota Modular Home

Choosing the Modular Home Design

The first step in designing your own modular home is to choose Legendary Homes, which is a trusted home builder in Michigan for twenty years now. Then go to the Design Your Own Home page. Choose the model home that fits your dream home. You can select in the many home models like the Fitzgerald, Dakota, Woodridge or Delmont.

Drawing the Modular Home Design

Once you have the modular home of your choice, you can click the Kitchen Design Tool. This tool provides options to implement modifications or changes to the design of kitchen cabinet, color of the kitchen walls, among others. Legendary Homes allows you to print what you have done so you could show it to one of the representatives.

Exterior Finishes in Modular Home Design

Maybe the most exciting part of modular home designing is drawing the exterior finish of a modular home. It gives more character to your home. It also compels passing neighbors to check or visit your house. An attractive exterior finish will just make a difference for a modular home, so to speak.

Custom- designed modular homes have made impossible exterior finishes possible. You can ask your home builder to add intricate accents and designs to windows and doors, and roofs. Adding more personality to the modular house is also allowed by home builders. So you can install dormers, decorative gables or Victorian turrets into your home.

Once all your designs have been implemented by a modular home builder or the general contractor, your home can become indistinguishable from traditional homes.  The effective exterior finishes installed into the makes all the difference.

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