What are the Variables Included in the Modular Home Price in Jackson, Michigan

Finding out how much is the modular home price of a standard floor plan in Michigan gives home buyers the idea what design suits their budget. The cost of a modular home is determined per square foot so the total cost would be influenced by the size of the house. The price would also serve as influenced by customization of certain areas. Additionally, there are other fees that may affect the modular home price in Michigan. These fees may be awarded to the permits, land estimation, and engineering and architectural design services.

As the home buyers in Michigan would first ask about the modular home price, home builders would give the quote or estimate. Usually, estimate of the cost of a modular home is not accurate. Home dealers will also give information on what are contained in the modular home price.

Modular Home Price in Michigan

MultiBox Modular Home

Modular Home Price: Modules and Other Things in the Factory

The first variable included in the modular home price is the price of modules per square foot. Each manufacturer has set different price ranges for every design or floor plan. Some home builders would give an estimate of $150 to $180 per square foot. Others will give $100 or below price per square foot on their standard modular home floor plans like the ranch style. This price is also subject to change when a moderate to major customization will be installed.

Modular Home Price: Customization of Exterior and Interior Features

Just because customization is allowed doesn’t mean you won’t spend money. Home builders would charge for the modifications made in the roofing, walls, and flooring or modular homes. Some would take fees for adding porches, decks, and garage. Changing of paint colors or putting bricks on the walls, can leverage the cost of a modular home. There are builders who provide options for modifying the common areas inside the house. The kitchen is one of the frequent subjects of interior customization when it comes to modular homes.

Major changes made in both of interior and exterior features of modular homes would mean increased expenditure. So it is a good idea to look for home builders who provide free modular home customization services. You can save substantial time in hiring them.

Modular Home Price: Appliances and Utilities

Other variables that influence the price of a modular home in Michigan are the appliances and the installment of utility systems. Some home builders would give home buyers the choice which appliances would be incorporated into the contract. Installing of utility systems such as water system and electricity also charge for fees. The cost of installment of the utility system typically depends on the location of a modular home.

To sum up, modular home price in Michigan includes the modules, customization, and other utilities. Some modular price is leveraged by landscaping works.

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