Modular Home Price: How Much is My Home

A modular home price is always the first thing to check whenever a home buyer is shopping for affordable modular home. It is a tool that helps in determining which home builder for hire. But how much really is a modular home?

Modular Home Price in Michigan

Multi Box Ranch Modular Home

Dealing with an accurate number for the cost of a modular home is just an overwhelming task. This is due to the different variables included in the price of each modular homes. Along with the basic materials in modular construction, customization and landscaping can be added in the total price of a modular home. Also, modular home builders and manufacturers give unique services to their customers. Some will include everything, from securing of permits to the completion of the building process; while others will exclude transportation or delivery price from the total modular home cost. Modular home price may cover the cost of land as well.

In modular home price, home buyers must also be aware that each state or regions has different standards when it comes to modular homes. These standards or rules can affect the price of a modular home. Modular home builders in some state do not contain other charges like installation of utility systems fees in their price sheets. On the other hand, other builders include almost everything when giving an estimated home price.

Standard Modular Home Price

A standard modular home would cost lesser than those with complex layout or floor plan. It is suitable for those who have minimum wages and those who plan to apply for a financing loan. A complex floor plans usually those with three or more rooms and has advanced designs.

You cannot locate an accurate modular home price. Every home builder has to price sheets that differ from one another and from each floor plan to the other. Most of the time, they will first give you an estimated range of the cost of a modular home. But if you did not want the price of your modular home, you can go over your builder and ask for a quote.

A standard modular home usually has prices that range from $90 to $180. This price range is calculated per square foot. Higher modular home price range would indicate that the home is more sleek and much advanced in terms of design and customization. So the cost of a standard modular home would roughly be estimated between $100, 000 to $400, 000.

When shopping for modular home price, do not forget to compare what are the variables included in them. Be aware that not all home builders or general contractors offer the same services.

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