The Art of Knowing the Different Modular Home Designs in Michigan

The many modular home designs in Michigan present today provide a better avenue for modular housing. They allow many options for home buyers. These designs are realized to accommodate the wishes of home buyers. They also enhance the capabilities of a home builder to build simple to complex modular homes. And because of this, the number of modular home designs has increased since then.

The idea of choosing different modular home designs give us the liberty to learn that modular housing is not just about boxes and boring stuff. It is also about knowing each of design’s characteristics. So today we have to decipher that there are numerous designs that represent a modular but they can be narrowed into two categories. They are commonly called the One Story, and Multi- Story modular homes.

One Story Modular Home Designs

Modular Home Designs

One Story Modular Home

One story modular homes are one of the first designs that emerged since the realization of modular housing in Michigan. Rancher and Cape Cod designs are among the best representation of this type of design.

The ranch or the rancher is a type of a one story modular home that is popular in warmer regions. Its design follows the asymmetrical rectangle floor plan with short roof. It is accentuated by the addition of a front porch, deck or a garage. A standard rancher has a design that is suitable for wider spaces or lot areas. Today, modular home builders allow home buyers to customize the interior and exterior features of the ranch in accordance to their preferences.

The second type of one story modular home is the Cape Cod, which has distinct characteristics from the rancher. Unlike the rancher, Cape Cod has a sloped roof, which can provide space for an attic or storage area. Its roof can either have dormers and windows with shutters. It is intricately designed to fit in colder regions in the United States.

Interestingly, Cape Cod and the Rancher can be converted into a two- story modular home in an affordable price.

Two Story Modular Home Designs

Two Story Modular Home Designs

Two Story Modular Home

Two story modular home designs in Michigan are typically represented by two above the ground floors. Its design is often mistaken for a conventional two story house because it can be indistinguishable even at a near distance. It takes less space and can be extended higher.

One of the two story modular home designs of Legendary Homes is the Fitzgerald. It has three bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. Unique to the design of the Fitzgerald is the addition of front porch that shades the owner from the sun while enjoying the outdoor view of his home.

Legendary Homes provide many modular home designs that could answer the needs of a home buyer. We have one story, two story and multi- section modular homes. Our customers have the benefit to design their own modular homes online by going into our DiVE- IN design your own home link.

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