Modular Home Maintenance: What is Modular Home Warranty?

Modular home warranty should never be overlooked by homeowners. But most often than not, this is the topic where they fail to. This is the part least discussed with the general contractor or the home dealer. So to unravel what are the things a home owner must know about modular home warranty, let’s start with some basics.

Description of Warranty

Modular Home WarrantyIn contract law, warranty is a form of contract which guarantees that specific facts or conditions are to be made in due course. The warranty is agreed upon by the two parties who are involved in dealing with a certain contract. Often a warranty comes with a product or equipment from the manufacturer; and typically written so both parties can read what are the jurisdictions included in it.

When speaking about homes, a home warranty is being issued. It is a type of warranty where it covers against the costs of home or appliance repair and maintenance by providing home warranty coverage for the house, condominiums, town houses, newly built homes, and the modular homes or the prefab homes. With this warranty, the home owner pays for the worker’s fee while manufacturer pays for the remaining balance of the repair or maintenance that has been done.

Modular Home Warranty

The policy that a modular home owner acquires to cover the repair or maintenance of the major home features such as the heating and cooling system is called a modular home warranty. It also covers the payment for the repair of appliances, cabinets and other components of the modular home. The warranty is usually good for one to three years, and can renewable before it expires. Remember that the years of coverage depends on the company a home owner is dealing with.

How does a modular home warranty works? And what are the things a home owner will do if something from his home needs major repairs?

By the time a home owner sees that the heating and cooling system, for example, needs major repair, he must call the company with whom he purchased the warranty. He must inform them about the problem with the said system to file a claim. The company will send one of its representatives to examine the heating and cooling system and then repairs it. If the representative found that the system cannot be repaired by all means, he will suggest that it needs replacement. The company will either send a check to the home owner so he could buy for replacement or authorize a replacement of the system.

The modular home warranty also protects the home in paying the large amount for the repair and maintenance of a system, appliance or component. The owner will only pay for the service fee of the representative. The company where the warranty was purchased will pay for the big amount needed for the repair and maintenance.

Therefore, it is a must that a home owner should purchase a home warranty to protect him against the surprise costs of home repair and maintenance.


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