Working with a Modular Home Dealer of Jackson, Michigan

Your modular home dealer will be the point person on your project.  You will be working closely with them on a regular basis, and relying on them to protect your interests.  Although building a modular home is much quicker than constructing a stick built home, it will still take 2-4 months (this will vary depending on the site, complexity of design, and site built add-ons).  In addition to this time, there is also the planning phase before the job starts, and the ongoing relationship should there be any issues to correct or any work you would like to add in the future.  It is important that you have a modular home dealer you enjoy working with.

Communication and Contracts with Modular Home Dealer

Clear communication and the ability to negotiate are important qualities for both you and your modular home dealer to share.  Paperwork is an effective tool to help facilitate this.  Contracts, work schedules, payment schedules, and change order agreements all serve to keep everyone in clear communication and accountable to their agreements.  Though some people prefer to work on a handshake, it is to everyone’s advantage to have things in writing.  That way there will be less misunderstandings and hard feelings.

Personal Investment

It may sound funny to talk about relationships and feelings when talking about modular home dealer and homebuyer, but if you have been in the shoes of either of those people, you understand.  When someone is buying/building his or her first home, there is a lot attached to it.  It is an integral part of a person’s life dreams- career, family, and home ownership.  It is a very personal investment and can become emotional.  Both the modular home dealer and the homebuyer need to be aware of how significant this process can be, and how to maintain open communication and a balanced perspective.

Homebuyer’s Responsibility

It is also important for the homebuyer to remember that this is a two-way street, and they need to hold up their end of the agreement too.  Just as the modular home dealer is expected to deliver work in a timely manner, the homebuyer is expected to deliver payment in a timely manner.

Independent Business People

Modular home dealers are independent business people, and NOT employees or agents of the modular manufacturing company.  When you contract with the builder, you are contracting with the local builder only.    The modular home dealer, in turn, contracts to buy the modules for your home from the modular manufacturing company.  No contractual relationship is created between you and the modular manufacturer.  You can think of the modular home company as a type of “subcontractor” to the modular home dealer.  It is important to understand with whom each party has a contractual agreement, and who is responsible to whom- for what.

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