Required Permits For Building a New Home

Watch this video to get more educated about the building process and learn the requirements for getting a building permit in Michigan.

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There are many permits that are required before obtaining a building permit. While every area will vary some these are the main permits required in order to be able to get the building permit.

Well and Septic Permit
Driveway Permit
Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Permit
Zoning Permit

Generally once these permits are obtained they will issue a building permit.


Permits Needed to Get Building Permit

(Cost vary for each county and township)

Well and Septic PermitIn order to get septic permit a site evaluation needs to be done. – Quite often this will have already been done, but if not it’s a cost to figure in.

Costs To Consider for the Site Evaluation (Perk Test):

  • Health Department

  • Excavator to have Backhoe to dig holes for perk

If in the city or where Water and Sewer is available then the tap fees will need to be paid and the paper work from them will need to be provided.

Driveway PermitNeed to make sure of clearance on road. Can’t have drive coming out on a hill where you don’t have proper site distance.

Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control PermitMost local SESC permitting agencies require a permit when the project involves an earth change activity within 500 feet of a lake or stream or when the project will disturb an area greater than one acre in size. However, some local SESC agencies require the permit regardless of size or location. Contact your local SESC agency.

  • “Earth change” means a human-made change in the natural cover or topography of land, including cut and fill activities, which may result in or contribute to soil erosion or sedimentation of the waters of the state. Earth change does not include the practice of plowing and tilling soil for the purpose of crop production.
  • An authorized public agency, approved by the MDEQ, pursuant to Part 91, is exempt from the requirement of obtaining a permit for an earth change but must notify the appropriate enforcing agency, in advance, of the earth change activity.

Page Explaining at:,4671,7-180-24786-245158–,00.html

Zoning Permit(Requires having the above permits)

Many townships have their own zoning ordinances and can vary with the area the property is located at.

  • Land division approval, if required.

  • Soil Erosion (Act 45 1) , if required.

  • If Drain Commissioner services are required, the Road Commission may refer the project.

  • Application filled out.

This should include a plot plan scaled with size and location of structures on the property Including distances to lot lines, streets, roads, and property lines.

  • Legal description of the property

  • Well and septic approval by the County Health Department.

  • Two copies of your plans – which should include:

    • Floor plan. Include all room sizes, door and window sizes, and location.

    • Specification Sheet or Cross-Section Drawing. Including size, type and quality (grade) of materials to be used. (Spec Sheet)

    • A drive way permit is required for new access.

Building PermitBasically Same as Zoning Permit along with your application, include the following:

  • Zoning approval by the local government in writing.

  • A permit fee shall be paid before a building permit can be issued.

  • DO NOT start construction until the building permit has been issued.

Click Here For PDF Outline of Requirements for Building Permit



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