Understanding the Septic System of a Modular Home and Its Function

Among the first things you need to know in a modular home construction is the septic system. As a homeowner, you must be aware of the parts of the system and how each part functions to decipher what needs to be done during its maintenance phase or if it requires repairs. parts of the septic system of a modular homeA septic system of a modular home is primarily compose of the septic tank, and drain field. Other parts are found inside the bathroom or comfort room of a modular home, which are often represented by the toilet bowl. Each element in the septic system has roles to keep the system from overflowing.

Septic System of a Modular Home: Septic Tank

The cost of septic tanks vary from one place to another and sizes. Their different sizes are realized to accommodate the size of the house and number of occupants in a modular home. The septic tank is usually made of concrete or fiberglass. Other home owners use polyethelene septic tanks. Just like in the construction of traditional homes, the septic tank in a modular home is buried below the ground. Septic tanks hold the wastewater long enough to allow solids to settle out, forming sludge. They also keep the oil and grease from the waste materials to float to the surface as scum. Interestingly, a septic tank allows partial decompositions of the solid waste materials.

Septic System of a Modular Home: Drain Field

Also called the leach field, drain field plays an integral role in the septic system. The most common drain field consists of a series of trenches containing perforated pipe surrounded by septic rock, or gravel, and covered with mesh and dirt. Once the wastewater pops out the septic tank, it will head to the drainfield for further treatment. The drainfield in the septic system of a modular home absorb and let the the effluent evaporate partially. Modular home owners must understand that if the drain field has too much liquid, it will cause flooding to the yard.

Septic System of a Modular Home: Soil

One of the often mislook component of the septic system is the soil. The soil provides the last hurrah for the overall purpose of the septic tank. The soil removes harmful bacteria, viruses, and nutrients from the waste, leaving the environment suitable for the living things above the ground such as the plants.

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