Transforming your Current Home into Your Dream Home Through Modular Home Customization

Modular Home CustomizationWhen you need a larger modular home, you don’t have to move out of your neighborhood. Legendary Homes Inc. provides modular home customization quickly, efficiently and cost effectively without displacing your family for months on end.

In as little as one month, your existing ranch modular home can be expanded to a spacious colonial with a second-story addition. Whether you need the space to provide bedrooms for a growing family or simply expand the living areas, we can design the modular home to suit your family’s needs. And all this is possible without the hassle of packing, purchasing a new home, or uprooting your children from the neighborhood and schools they’ve grown to love. Why buy when you can simply customize the place you’ve called home for years? With modular home customization, you can.

Easily Customize Your Dream Modular Home

The best part is, Legendary Homes Inc. custom design the modular home, in addition to securing permits and removal of the existing structure and roof. So there won’t be the hassle – and added cost – of a traditional building project where you could be dealing with multiple architects, carpenters, painters, plumbers, electricians, and interior designers. Modular customization truly are a turnkey solution for your second-story or other home customization.

As the homeowner, you’ll be involved in the entire process. Using Computer Aided Design and a unique password-protected online design center, you can see what your modular home will look like long before the addition is added and can customize it from top to bottom. From flooring to vanity fixtures, the options to personalize your modular home are endless – and all at your fingertips.

In case you still have question about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog

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