Steps in Applying for Modular Home Building Permit and Other Permits in Jackson, Michigan

Modular Home Building Permit

Plumbing Permit for Modular Home

Though it is the general contractor and subcontractor’s job to procure the modular home building permit and other permits such as the electrical and plumbing permits, the homeowner must be aware of the process. Knowledge of the building permit application process would imply that you are taking part in the construction process as an inspector. You should see to it that everything is done accordingly.

Prior to submitting the application for a modular home building permit, a general contractor gathers all the necessary requirements which include the detailed plans of the modular home construction and the fees needed. The plan presents the dimension, floor plan, materials to be use and the warranty of the house. Fee for the building permit depends in each county or town. But in Jackson, Michigan it could reach up to $1,660.

Complete the Modular Home Building Permit Application Form

After gathering the required documents and fees, the general contractor will have to fill up the modular home building permit application form. The information given should coincide with the documents you carry. Any incorrect data given could barred the success of the building permit application.

Attach a Completed Residential Development Order Form

The Residential Development Order form is taken from the Jackson County Community Center and a fee of $25 must be paid. It must be attached with the recorded land deed of your property. This step in the application of modular home building permit is not required if your home is to be erected within the city limits, instead you are to have the development order from the city office.

Finish a 911 Addressing Form

A 911 addressing form must be completed along with the two forms and must be submitted to the Building Department in Jackson, Michigan. For more details about this form, you must inquire to the Building Department.

Other Permits for Modular Home

Permits for septic tank, HVAC system, and electrical system must be taken by subcontractors working to complete your modular home. In Jackson, they must apply for a permit to build or have a septic tank from the Jackson County Health Department Division of Environmental Health. The permit for a new septic tank costs for $350 and $85 for an existing septic tank.

Secure Two Sets of Approved Plans

The general contractor is then required to secure two sets of Department of Community Affairs approved plans. These plans should show the plans for the foundation, floor plan, and wind load requirements to construct a modular home.

A potential home owner must remember that only a licensed general contractor and subcontractor are allowed to apply and procure the necessary permits. That is why it is compulsory to ensure that you hire a licensed and trustworthy contractor for your modular home.

In case you still have question about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog.

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