Requirements for the Installation of a Septic System in a Modular Home

When it comes to connecting a home to a septic system, a modular home and a site-built home connect same way. They both have to have a building permit prior to the installation. Tests to determine the soil condition is also one of the factors required before the integration of the septic system to the modular home.Septic System in a Modular Home

Permit and Perc Test of a Septic System in a Modular Home

A permit is needed for the installation of a septic system in a modular home. This is usually obtained through the housing or building department or health department of your county. The county geologist runs a perc test to determine if the soil of the land will absorb water. Depending on the results of the test, the county may or may not issue a permit. If the county cannot issue a permit, then suggestions on alternative means of sewage disposal are usually available.

Size of Tank of a Septic System in a Modular Home

It is the job of the sanitary inspector or engineered whom you hired to determine the size of the septic tank. The size must be congruent to the number of bedrooms in the modular home and the number of occupants. The more bedrooms and occupants, the bigger the tank.

Size of Drain Field of a Septic System in a Modular Home

When the house is big and has many occupants, the drain field is usually wider. The drain field sips the waste water to the ground to prevent flooding. Additionally, the size of the drain field is also determined by the result of the perc test.

Installation of a Septic System in a Modular Home

The most important part of having a septic system is ensuring that the professional you hire is valid and licensed by the county’s housing department. A licensed sanitary inspector or engineer makes sure that the system is installed correctly. Improper installation of the septic system could contaminate the underground water and the harm the soil. Licensed professional usually dig three-foot-deep trenches for the drain field while the unlicensed one might dig just two feet.

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