Drilling a Well for a Modular Home in Allen, Michigan

A modular home in Allen, Michigan can acquire lots of convenience after installing water well within the property. The homeowner will have a continuous water supply that could be use for daily needs, and cleaning of garage and other areas. The well can be a source to water the plants in your garden.

Modular Home and the Water WellWater well situated near your modular home brings a lot of benefits. Aside from providing a good source of water, it can also lessen the utility cost. However, planning to drill one requires excellent planning.

In drilling a well in Allen, Michigan, a modular home owner needs to consider the location, depth, cost and hiring a subcontractor.

Location of the Modular Home Well

If the well is not connected to the city’s water source, the location of the well is usually determined by the driller. The driller or a professional (geologist) knows where the location of the water is. This usually impacts the planning of the modular home’s floor plan.

In the case where a homeowner wanted to have a well, he must look first for a subcontractor. A known modular home contractor in Michigan who offers digging a well along with the construction of the modular home is Legendary Homes Inc.

Depth of the Well for a Modular Home

The men drilling the well had to drill down almost 580 feet through solid granite for this particular well. They hit some water at around 250 feet but the water pressure wasn’t sufficient so they kept drilling.

They wound up drilling to approximately 500 ft. to get 20 gpm. They said that they’ve drilled down as much as a couple thousand feet to get a good well and as little as 100 feet, or so. Not only that, the depth needed to hit water could vary 50 feet over from where this well is drilled. Go figure.

Cost of the Well for a Modular Home

The cost of drilling a well for your modular home depends on a number of factors. The depth to hit the water source, the kind of soil and the labor cost can influence the overall cost of having a well. In some areas, water well drilling can be inexpensive when the soil is composed large rocks or is difficult to drill using the standard drilling equipments.

In case you still have question about modular homes, you may contact Legendary Homes Inc in Jackson, Michigan. A representative will be happy to assist you. Meanwhile you can check our modular home price sheets by signing up to our blog

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