Design Options for Insulated Precast Foundation

Modular Home Precast Foundation Jackson MI, Precast ConcreteDesign options for an precast foundation can be chosen when specifying an insulated precast concrete wall panel. These options are non-composite panel design, composite panel design and partially composite panel design.

Types of Panels for Precast Foundation

Non-composite Panels

When designing a non-composite panel, the two concrete panels work independently of one another to resist any applied loads. Each concrete panels will take a portion of the load based on the proportionality of each wythe’s section modulus compared to the other wythe. There is typically a structural or load-bearing precast concrete and a non-structural or non load-bearing precast concrete. Any dead loading (gravity loading), such as self-weight or window or louver loading is transferred through the wythe connector to the structural wythe. The non load-bearing wythe is essentially “hanging” from the load-bearing wythe.

Composite Panels 

In a compositely designed panel, the two precast concretes work together to resist applied loads. A composite panel of the same thickness will be significantly stronger in flexural strength than a non-composite panel of the same thickness. The panel connector must be designed to have sufficient shear strength to transfer the horizontal shear between the two concrete panels. Composite insulated precast foundation wall panels can typically provide a thinner panel section than a non-composite insulated wall panel. However, the savings in concrete material may be at least partially offset by the additional wythe connector costs associated with making a fully composite panel.

Partially Composite Panels

Some wythe connector manufacturers will offer a product that is not 100% composite and also a connector that is not completely non-composite; these are partially composite wythe connectors. This is essentially a hybrid between the two extreme design philosophies (composite and non-composite). The wythe connector manufacturers should be consulted for assistance as to which design philosophy applies to their products.

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