Cost of Installing a Septic System in a Modular Home

The cost of having a septic system installed in a modular home depends on a number of factors. These factors would focused on the size of the septic tank, building permit fees, and labor cost. The complexity of the septic design can also contribute to the cost of septic system installation.

Septic System in a Modular HomeThe price of septic system installation relies also on the location of your modular home.

Size of The Septic Tank

Availability and prices of septic tanks for a modular home differ from one place to another, but poor soils and extra bedrooms will simply cost you more.  A1000 gal tank is recommended for up to 4 bedroom modular home since pumping trucks are usually 1000 gallons and can pump your system in one trip. However larger septic tanks can cost you a higher maintenance fee.

Permit Fees of Septic System for a Modular Home

Just like the other factors concerning about the installation of the septic system, permit fees vary from place to place. In some areas the permit fee for the septic system that is going to be installed in a modular home may run from $100 or less or higher. Other areas especially those where the county have smaller population, it can be higher than $500. If you want to know the specific for the building permit of your septic system, you can call the local health department.

Design of a Septic System in a Modular Home

Plans of a septic system for your modular home have different prices. It can vary from the designer to designer and from its complexity. Designs from professionals are usually higher because they made sure that it conforms with the rules and regulations of the building codes and the sanitary department.

A septic system designer will likely charge a separate fee for providing his service between $200 – $400 or more. His service fee will depend on the current status of the market. However, in some places, local health inspectors even design the system as part of a low permit fee of $100 – $300. Very low fees serve the interests of public health in very low density areas and where resources are strained and experts are few. Some of these counties and states allow excavators to design simple systems for the homeowner. A few far flung counties have no regulations and no requirements for formal design and everyone just does their own thing.

Labor Cost and Professional Fees for Installing a Septic System in a Modular Home

The number of excavators licensed in the area and how busy they are will have a huge affect on septic system costs.  The strictness of rules of local health in the design of systems and the toughness of the installer’s test can encourage or discourage the number of contractors competing for the construction of systems.  Excavators are already mobile and they can enter a market area looking for better prospects.  Hungry new excavators in an area can drive down prices and put pressure on established contractors to lower rates.

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