Care and Maintenance of the Septic System of a Modular Home

Maintenance of a septic system installed in a modular home is similar with the stick built home’s septic system. Nowadays, taking care of your septic system is not that difficult because there are lots of modern equipments available. Septic System of a Modular HomeSimple as their design may be, septic systems require the homeowner to monitor them before problems arise. Usually, simple solutions are too late when the problem in the septic system occurs or become obvious. But if you follow the basic guidelines in maintaining the septic system of a modular home you can attain a worry free seepage disposal.

Pump Out Your Septic Tank Regularly

Regular pumping of the septic tank leads to a smooth sailing septic system. Not pumping the tank on regular basis can lead to an overflowing system. The overflow will then go to the modular home, where toilets vomit what’s supposed to be in the septic system. This circumstance will lead to the waste flooding in the drain field, leaving your yard to be flooded by waste materials. These wastes can also run to the nearest bodies of waters like creeks, rivers; or sip underground, which could pollute the normal environment of these areas and thereby harm people’s health.

Do Not Flush Any Degradable Materials and Strong Chemicals in the Toilet

Never make the toilet of your modular home your trash can. Never throw degradable materials like tissue papers, diapers, sanitary napkins, and cotton swabs because they could clog the septic system. Additionally, do not flush strong chemicals in the toilet. Harmful chemicals can disrupt the integrity of the septic system and harm the underground soil.

Direct Drainage Away from the Septic System of a Modular Home

When you direct the drainage away from the septic system of your modular, liquid waste can be absorb and neutralize. An efficient plan of the drainage often provide a good diversion for the water. Landscaping, excellent foundation drainage plans and roof gutters are among the best solutions that divert the excess water from the septic drainfield.

Protect the Septic System of a Modular Home from Damage

Avoid placing your car above the septic system. The weight could damage the above area of the system and when this happens it could lead to the destruction of the flow of the septic system.

Keep a Record

It is always wise to keep a record when maintaining the septic system of your modular home. Record the date of when you have pump- out the septic tank so you will know when would be the next schedule. Modular home owners should keep a record of the septic system design, installed equipments, and other service records. Record keeping helps in the maintenance of the septic system by giving the owner and the maintenance worker information on the previous problem and what was done to resolve the problem.

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