Best Reasons Why Modular Home is Your First Choice

Modular Home with Porch

Two Story Modular Home with Front Porch

Purchasing your first home is an exciting and sometimes overwhelming process. From choosing design options to financing, there are a lot of decisions to be made before you can become a modular home owner. Many first time buyers are discovering the many advantages of building a customized modular home.  If you are considering buying your first home, there are three reasons a modular home may be the best choice for you.

Modular Home is Quality

Modular home is built off-site in a climate controlled factory. They are about 85% complete when they are transferred to the home site. There are multiple inspections throughout the construction process to ensure that your modular home is built to the highest of standards. These homes meet or exceed all federal, state, and local regulation codes. Because they must be constructed to withstand travel, they are highly durable as well.

The modular homes of today are not the manufactured homes of the past. They are quality built homes that are constructed with 30% more lumber, more glue and more nails than traditional homes. You can be sure that your modular home is safe, sturdy home that will stay strong and beautiful for many years to come.

Modular Home is Affordable

You will be amazed at how much house you get for the price. There are a number of reasons that a modular home is so affordable. Because they are built in an off site factory, you do not need to worry about theft or vandalism to your supplies. All of the lumber and equipment is safely housed and inaccessible to the public. The manufacturer is able to buy supplies and materials in bulk, saving the homebuyer a substantial amount of money.  Shorter construction times also result in savings to the consumer.

Modular Home is Customizable

 There are hundreds of modular home floor plans available to ensure that you find the home layout that will make the most sense for your family. You can choose a two-story or one-story home with a variety of styles and choices for exterior treatments.  Porches and garages are popular additions that customize your home and enhance its functionality and appearance.

When designing your modular home, you will need to choose a foundation system. Modular homes can be built on a slab, crawl space, or basement. There are advantages and disadvantages to all options. Your builder will help you choose the option that will fit your budget and benefit your family the most.

One of the best things about buying a modular home is the ability to customize the interior of your home so that it makes sense for your family’s lifestyle. From gourmet kitchens to walk-in tubs and energy efficient appliances, you can truly design your dream home. The manufacturer that you work with will be able to inform you of all of the various options available to you and help you make choices that will stay within your budget.

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