Why You Should Trust a General Contractor from Jackson, Michigan?

Someone needs to be in charge of hiring all of the trades people needed for these tasks, coordinating their schedules, and overseeing their work and that is the job of the general contractor. The general contractor can be a modular dealer, independent professional, relative, friend, or even yourself. He may have years of experience, or this may be his first job. He may have worked on many modular homes over the years, or never seen one before. He may or may not be licensed.

As a general rule, the best choice for a general contractor should be experienced and licensed. He should also have prior modular-home experience. Most home owners seek for a general contractor who is also the dealer who sold the home or someone who has worked closely with the dealer in the past.

General Contractor Builds Efficient Modular Home

Any good modular home builder can build a garage, porch, or deck, or finish the basement in a modular home. A foundation contractor does not need modular experience to make a good modular-home foundation as long as he follows instructions. Many of the other jobs, however, benefit greatly from someone who has solid experience with modular homes. The excavation contractor, for example, must prepare the site for the delivery and set of the modules. Even contractors with years of excavation experience routinely underestimate the logistical difficulties of maneuvering modules that are often long, usually wide, and always heavy.

General Contractor Knows Warranties and Responsibilities

Seasoned modular home general contractors  understand the difference between their button-up responsibilities and true warranty issues. They know that manufacturers expect them to repair and adjust components of the modules that need some additional work because of the delivery and set. Repair of minor drywall cracks, adjustment of miter joints, and realignment of windows and doors are considered normal general contractor responsibilities. General contractors with modular experience know to budget time and money to complete this work.

General Contractors Save Money

General contractors with modular experience also save you money because they know how much to charge for specific tasks. They do not have to pad their price estimates to protect themselves from their own inexperience.

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