Tips for an Efficient Maintenance of Modular Home Porch and Deck

To enhance the life span of both the porch and deck of a modular home, home owners must apply good maintenance techniques. But before that let us first describe what is a porch and a deck.

Modular Home Porch and Deck

Modular Home in Michigan

Modular home porch and deck are two exterior features that give additional value to the house. A porch is a structure usually found in the entrance of the home. It has a roof attached to the main structure of the home and may or may not have walls. Modular home porch usually enhances the visual appeal of the house to the onlookers and future buyers. On the other hand, a deck is a horizontal platform that can extend from one side of the house. It provides a new room for living and entertainment for an inexpensive price.

Some of the materials or features found in porches and decks are maintenance free, which means, aside from the routine cleaning,  they do not need to be repainted or coated. But there are other major parts that requires special care so home owners will experience comfort in these areas in the long run.

Pick High Quality Materials

The secret to having a lasting porch and deck starts with the selection of materials. Wood is the common material used in constructing a porch or a deck. Tropical woods like the ipe and tigerwood stay longer with 30 to 50 years life span than the pressure treated wood.

To ensure that the home owner picks the high quality wood for his modular home porch and deck, he must ensure that he inquires about the age and condition of the wood. Younger wood needs clear and toned products for maintenance, which can lengthen the life span of either the porch and deck without shielding the natural beauty of the wood. Older woods will require the use of waterborne semi- transparent and solid stains because they provite utmost protection and cover wood surfaces imperfection effectively.

Keep the Porch and Deck from Moisture

Being attached to the modular homes and are openly prone to water accumulation, moisture, and damages brought by sun exposure, a porch and a deck must be protected from them. Even coated decks are not exempted. Decks usually have a shorter life span because they are flat and receives more exposure from sunlight, rain, snow and moisture.

Incorporation of coatings are usually done to the surfaces of porches and decks to prevent these structure destructing agents to invade. However not all finishing products have protective qualities that could last longer and generally clear finishes do not have UV protection.

Select Effective Cleaning Products

Cleaning products will depend on what type of materials are installed in the porch and deck. For wood, a standard cleaner will do while composite specific cleaner is the choice for composite materials. Additionally, commercial degreaser and detergents are typically used in cleaning the composite material.


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