Modular Home Customization: HVAC and other Utilities

We have already known that modular homes can be built with endless possibility because of the modular home customization process. We also talked about the customization of its exterior and interior features. It seems complete that we just need to put the finishing touches.

Things To Consider During Modular Home Customization

Modular Home CustomizationHowever, modular home customization must not only be limited to the exterior and interior designs. A home owner must also discuss about the Heating, Ventilation and Air – Conditioning (HVAC) and other utilities such as water and electrical system. Often these things are forgotten and overlooked in the process. Giving attention to them could save time.

Modular Home Customization: HVAC

A modular home is more air- tight, meaning is better in retaining temperature, than the traditionally- built home. However, it traps more air and gives lesser fresh air to your home, which will cause must and mold. Having an air vent in every room, especially those where condensation builds up and causes damage to water, is suggested to prevent these problems. Your heating and cooling system should be done by zones and should have an automatic timer. Fees for the installment of air vents may depend on your manufacturer and/or general contractor.

Modular Home Customization: Electricity System

Modular Home CustomizationModular homes are often associated with electrical outlets appropriately placed in different, convenient locations. They are installed inexpensively even if you require a lot of them throughout your home. However you must inform your general contractor if you wanted to have a security system or any custom electrical system so they will know how much wiring will be needed. Also tell your contractor if you wish to have the below- ground electricity. Knowledge of the material’s quantity will save time and money.

Moreover, a modular home needs water supply from a well. If you’re planning to have a well, inform your home builder beforehand so that proper plumbing system will be installed in the design.

Modular homes today are not just built with the ‘average’ floor plans. They are now built with a little touch of something personal to feel your home.

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