Best Strategies on How to Design your Own Modular Home Deck

Building a modular home deck compels the customer and the dealer to complete most, if not all, of the planning steps before beginning construction. That is because the builder cannot begin construction without knowing what it is going to build and how much it is going to charge. This forces the customer and dealer to make final decisions about the deck’s design and its building specifications.

Modular Home DeckTo help you with the dilemma of building or restoring your deck, here are the strategies on how to create an efficient modular home deck.

Choose a Location of Your Modular Home Deck

Selecting a nice spot for your modular home deck is the first step in designing your own deck. A deck can be located on the front or back of a mobile home; it can also extend all the way around the mobile home.

Decide on the purpose of Modular Home Deck

Do you intend to use your modular home deck for entertainment, extra living space, or simply as a way in and out of the mobile home? Will you use it for barbecues or as an extension of a children’s play area? The purpose of the deck will help in determining the necessary size and functional design of the deck. For example, a deck used for barbecuing and entertainment will need a greater amount of space than a deck designed only for the entrance and exit of the home. A deck that’s going to be used as a meditation space may not need a railing, while a deck used by small children will need a secured railing and a stair gate.

Determine the Size of the Modular Home Deck

Determine the size of the deck using a tape measure outside of your modular home. It’s easy to underestimate the proper size for a deck. For example, an 8-by-10-foot deck may seem like plenty of room for entertaining, but once furniture and guests are added, that size deck can become cramped. Take into consideration what types of outdoor furniture will be located on the deck. Leave plenty of room for barbecue grills, patio furniture, flower planters, and free space for movement and play. Think about how large an indoor room with the same intended purpose would need to be and use this as a guide in determining the size of your deck. Keep in mind the proportions of your home when planning out your deck’s size. A deck shouldn’t overwhelm the home—it should appear as a natural extension of the mobile home.

Draw the Plan of Your Modular Home Deck

Draw out several deck designs using graph paper. Use magazine pictures and landscaping books as inspiration for deck design ideas. A deck can have many different configurations, including varying stair locations and different levels. Walkways can attach the deck to different outdoor areas or other decks. Include details such as deck lighting and built-in benches or railing ideas on your deck drawings.

Shop for a Local Home Builder

Locate a local home builder or contractor to build your deck. There are lots of them around your neighborhood and you must select only the one who can realized the design you want. If you plan to build the deck yourself, visit your local lumberyard or home-improvement store to purchase materials.

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