Responsibilities of a General Contractor in Building a Modular Home

General ContractorIn the construction of a modular home, what are the responsibilities of a the general contractor? Does he oversee everything? Does he manages and organizes the project to provide a high quality abode?

The following are some of the responsibilities of a general contractor before, during and after the modular home construction;

Reviews the Modular Home Floor Plan

The modular home general contractor is responsible for making the final floor reviews. This includes making sure all electrical fixtures, telephone jacks, television jacks and ceiling fixtures are included on the plan. A modular home floor plan review also will require making sure the windows; doors and walls are all correctly located. After the floor plan for the modular home has been approved, your home will be built to the plans you have reviewed.

Secures Modular Home Building Permits

Most municipalities throughout out the United States require a building permit when you build amodular home. With a modular you will be required to have at minimum a foundation permit set and a construction permit. Go to your local building code office for all of the permit requirements for modular home construction.

Ensure Financing is Properly Done

While your modular home is being built, it is the responsibility of the general contractor to report to the lending institution who has written the construction loan as per when draw items have been completed. After the bank inspector inspects the completion of construction tasks, the bank will reimburse the general contractor with a draw check to pay sub contractors.

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