Warning!!! Commodity inflation is Upon Us!

We received this letter below today.  I wanted to get this out to you ASAP.  If you are close to building, the best bet is to get your home ordered SOON.  See letter below.


April 18, 2017

Dear Valued Customers,

Warning!!! Commodity inflation (especially in the forest products market) is upon us. We have been experiencing inflation over the last couple of months with most weeks showing increases in forest products, and with some in the double digit category. Obviously, wood is our highest use component in the houses you buy — increases in housing demand, pending tariffs, and speculative issues in the lumber mills have all helped to create this inflationary pressure.

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In February, lumber and OSB prices increased approximately 10% from January 2017 levels to account for an upcoming tariff on Canadian lumber. Just last week we heard about one large Canadian mill that announced another 30% price increase, while other mills on both sides of the border went off market. The tariff ruling is supposed to be finalized on April 24th, but we may not know the full impact of that ruling until the days following that ruling as the market sorts out the facts from the speculation.

Lumber Prices Increasing

OSB and Lumber Prices Increasing

Why are we sending you this letter? It’s simple really — our surcharge increase that went into effect on March 3, 2017, at this point in time doesn’t cover our increased costs for raw material. While we are willing to wait until we see the impacts from the upcoming tariff ruling, we will send out our next surcharge adjustment shortly thereafter, and we will not be able to allow for much, if any, notice on that adjustment. Please adjust your pricing with your customers and build this into your current quotes. Other commodities are also increasing (drywall up 6%, insulation heading up roughly 5%, steel heading up, etc.) forcing us to pass them on at any time. The bottom line is you should expect 2% to 4% price increases due to material inflation in the coming weeks.

Please be assured that Champion is doing everything possible to mitigate increases with respect to “non-value added cost” elimination, supply negotiation and purchasing strategies. We continually focus on these aspects of our business, but these actions will not offset the magnitude of materials inflation we are both experiencing now and anticipate in the coming weeks. Questions or concerns? Please call us.

Jay Ciokajlo
General Manager
Champion Home Builders, Inc. – Topeka Operations


Call Todd Rutledge at Legendary Homes now 517-206-2435 to get your home ordered.  There’s still time to beat the price increases coming up.

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We met with Todd and he was very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. Looking forward to working together on our new home!

Jan 16, 2018
Ronda Miller

Just looking and getting prices and Todd has been so helpful and responds to my emails quickly

Jan 13, 2018
Marsha Pierce

Todd was very great to work with. He was very helpful explaining all of the options. Todd has taken the headache and stressfulness out of building a home.

Dec 10, 2017
Chelsea B

I was looking for a modular home for my mom. I called and they were closing for the day, but Todd offered to stay open for us to come look at the model. He was very professional and answered all of the questions we had about purchasing a home. I definitely would recommend working with Todd and his staff!

Dec 10, 2017
Sara N

Excellent and informative visit

Dec 08, 2017
David J

Todd did a great job answering all of our questions. The model home was absolutely beautiful!

Nov 26, 2017
Stacy R

Had lots of information about their beautiful homes and tons of options on everything great service!

Nov 25, 2017
Caleb D

We are very very pleased with the experience we have had with Todd. We have dealt with other builders and the experience was no where near the ease and personal attention that he has given us! His communication far exceeds anything we have seen!

Nov 23, 2017
Anne S

Very happy with our new home! Todd helped us every step of the way. He answered any and all questions right away, great communication. Very pleased

Aug 04, 2017
William Wilson

Todd was a pleasure to meet with...We've been looking for quite some time to purchase a home, but this seller market has been tough, so we decided to look into modular homes. Todd was able to get us into a consultation quickly, answered all the questions we had for beginners, broke down the pricing and potential unanticipated costs, and presented us with a great deal of material to go home with and review. Eventhough we were able to get an offer accepted on a home within a couple days of meeting with Todd, we will definitely be considering a modular home with Legendary Homes for our future purchase. Thanks Todd!

Aug 04, 2017
Nikki Schaefer

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