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When hiring a modular home dealer, it is advantageous for you to hire someone with experience. One of the reasons experience is important is that when you hire a dealer, you are also harvesting the benefits of subcontractors such as plumbers, electricians, masons, etc. If a modular home dealer is experienced, he will have subcontractors that he knows to be reliable for quality work and timely performance.  The modular home dealer, saving you the headache of an unpredictable project, will have weeded out subcontractors that are unreliable.

Although it is possible to save money by doing it yourself or employing the help of family and friends, it is also easy to get in over your head and actually spend more money, and put undue stress on yourself and your family or friend helpers.  You, as the homeowner, also assume significant risk and responsibility should you decide to do it yourself.  Having an experienced modular home dealer will make the whole process much easier.  He would be your one point of contact, taking responsibility for everyone else involved in the process.  His job is to make sure you get the home you want with as little trouble as possible.

Modular Experience of a Modular Home Dealer

When it comes to the post-set wrap-up on a modular home construction project, a modular home dealer with modular experience can be a real asset to the project.  There are issues with buttoning up modular homes that are very specific to modular construction.  Modular home dealer without modular experience can put himself into trouble during this phase.  He would have to pad their estimates to cover unexpected problems and the learning process for their subcontractors.  A modular home dealer with modular construction experience could keep their budget tighter, knowing what to expect and how to deal with it efficiently.

Additionally, you should make sure that your modular home dealer is licensed and insured.  In most states, only a licensed modular home dealer or contractor can obtain building permits.  As a homeowner, you are allowed (in most states) to get your own building permit.  However, if you do get the building permit, then you assume responsibility for all the work.  You have little, if any, recourse if things go wrong.  Some states will not allow inexperienced homeowners to build modular homes without the supervision of a licensed modular home dealer and contractor.

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